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Fabulous Secrets To A Beautiful Smile

We all want beautiful teeth. But actually getting the perfect smile requires a bit of work. Thanks to our diet and lifestyle, our teeth can sometimes suffer. Over the years, they can become dulled and yellowed. And this makes our smile less dazzling and less beautiful.

Having a great smile is essential for our success as people. The more we smile, the more we’re liked. Studies have shown that smiling is contagious and other people just can’t help but smile back. Smiling can even improve your own mood.

For these reasons, it’s actually important that we have a great smile. It can make us feel better about ourselves and help us do better in life. So what are the secrets of a beautiful smile? Let’s find out.

Don’t Floss, Use Interdental Brushes


This year a landmark dental study confirmed that flossing didn’t protect and had no effect. The dental establishment reeled in embarrassment. It had been telling women for years that they needed to floss every night to keep their teeth pearly white. It was all nonsense. It’s not the first time the medical establishment has let women down. Remember hormone replacement therapy? It took thousands of women’s live to prove that giving women hormones after the menopause was a bad idea.

So when it comes to getting rid of the gunk between your teeth, what does work? It turns out that the best solution is to use interdental brushes. These little guys actually clean the tooth surface between your teeth you can’t get to using regular brushes.

Often your dentist in Worcester will supply you with interdental brushes, as they can be hard to find on the high street. If you don’t have a dentist right now, you can find one on sites like

Whiten Your Teeth


Many women associate dull teeth with eating junk and not brushing. But the truth is that many people have yellow teeth naturally. Of course, if you drink a lot of tea, wine or coffee, or if you smoke, that could be the cause too.

The good news is that most stains are superficial. Deeper stains, right down in the bowels of the tooth are only usually caused by things like medication or infection.

The type of whitening products that you use depends on the severity of the yellowing of your teeth. If the yellowing isn’t severe, you can probably get away with whitening your teeth using store-bought products. Just be careful, though. William DeVizio is a licensed dentist. He says that people should only use whitening products recommended by the ADA. They should also always follow the manufacturer’s instructions. Overuse of whitening kits can damage the tooth enamel and destroy the all-important dentin underneath.

If your stains are deeper, you may want to opt for professional whitening treatments. Professional treatments tend to cost a lot more, but they last longer. Good treatments should last in excess of three years.

Upgrade Your Old Fillings

Silver fillings might be great from a functional point of view, but they don’t exactly look great. They stick out like a sore thumb when you’re laughing and smiling and can ruin your smile. Amalgam fillings are also good for how long they last – between 5 and 15 years. But, according to they can actually accelerate decay around your teeth. The problem is that the amalgam material can come away from the tooth around the edges. When this happens, bacteria can get into the gaps and start to rot teeth even further.

Fortunately, thanks to advances in material science, there are now filling that fit teeth better. They stick better to existing teeth, preventing the buildup of bacteria around the edges. And they’re white, fitting in with the natural color of your teeth. For instance, dentists are now using stain-resistant porcelain for fillings that show when you smile. They’re also using composite resins to fill molars near the back of your mouth. It’s a big change from the past.

Get Cosmetic Fixes


Some of us aren’t born with perfectly straight, beautiful teeth. Many of us have teeth that stick out or overlap. If you didn’t have braces when you were a teenager, getting your teeth altered can seem like a challenge in adult life. But today, there are a vast array of semi-invisible orthodontic treatments around. Sure, if you want to save money, you can get an old-fashioned brace. But now more expensive options reshape your smile almost invisibly.

You can also get cosmetic work done if your teeth have been chipped or if you have gaps.


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