Fall Fashion 2020 – A Complete Guide From Expert Fashionistas

Fall is almost around the corner, as the leaves have already started turning yellow and the rustling winds are eagerly waiting for the chills. If you feel that, you must also feel the urge to stack your wardrobe with the latest fall outfits and accessories that the experts recommend. Top-tier stylists like Jessica Paster and celebrities like Rachel Green all have something to offer in this regard that you can take note of. Scroll on!

Bold black boots

The black ankle boots were always a favorite of fashionistas, but its significance in the fall season takes its popularity to another level. Stylist Aimee Croysdill believes that it’s time to replace your square toes and block heels for a pair of simply-suede boots flaunted by celebrities like Kendall Jenner and Victoria Beckham. However, if you like leather more, you can go for the conventional black leather boots worn confidently by Priyanka Chopra Jonas and other renowned fashionistas in the industry. 


Snakeskin prints

Be it on a pair of sandals or long knee-high boots, the snakeskin print will again take the market by storm this fall. To get a better idea, you can peep into JustFab’s Instagram Page to check out these reptilian patterns on different types of shoes. They came in vogue last year and have been received well by celebrities and their stylists alike. Don’t you remember Kendall Jenner’s bright-yellow snakeskin print boots? So that’s what will make your stand out this fall. 


Tube skirts

This particular Rachel Green trend is gearing to make a comeback in fall, so you should better get ready. Although it’s quite a 90s thing, you can modernize the look with a one-shoulder tank or a cropped cardigan, and a pair of stylish flipflops. You can also don a cropped leather blazer on top to ace the 90s-turned-2020s look with confidence. And when you do that, don’t forget to replace the flipflops with a pair of black leather boots. 



Metallics will continue to be a ‘thing’ this year, as more stylists and fashionista celebrities are embracing it. From Scarlett Johansson, Jennifer Lawrence, and Nicole Scherzinger to Lady Gaga, everyone has flaunted the shimmering dresses, which has made it quite the party wear. And this fall, it’s going to expand its reach by wide-scale improvising and accessorizing. 


The white boots

They contrast beautifully with the fall surroundings and go well with all kinds of formal and casual clothing. They are gorgeous to look at and can be worn with all kinds of outfits namely, short skirts, dresses, palazzos, leggings, formal pants and shirts, ankle-length jeans, leather dresses, as recommended by Jessica Paster, and tube skirts. If you want to take your fall fashion a notch up, don’t forget to invest in a pair of high-quality white boots. 


Bra tops

Don’t wish to wear a shirt underneath your sweater? Don’t have to! This fall will popularize the trend of wearing sports bras or designer lingerie directly under your sweater or fluffy jacket for a bold and confident look. You can also opt for the cropped knitted tops that mimic the appearance of a bra and pair it up with your favorite denim jacket and tube skirt. Top it off by black suede or snakeskin boots for maximum effect. 


Fall 2020 will see some other quirky fashion trends being the talk of the town, like baby doll dresses, pleated jumpsuits, sparkly see-through party wears, shimmering sheaths, metallic slinks, and more. If you’re ready to upgrade your wardrobe, do your homework and know what trends will work best for you before going on a shopping spree. 


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