Feltman Brothers Introduces Preemie Line


Feltman Brothers Introduces Preemie Line

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We love that there are companies who strive to provide clothing for babies who are born earlier than expected. Feltman Brothers has always been one of my favorite go-go baby brands because the clothing is hand embroidered and leaves a feeling that someone took the time to custom make something just for your special little one. I was a 5 pound baby and our youngest was barely 6 pounds at birth. The struggle is real when trying to find clothing for babies that are so small.

Preemies are extra special—their early arrival signals an important change for new parents and families. With that in mind, they deserve the elegance and comfort of beautifully manufactured clothes and accessories, designed specifically for them.

Each piece made by Feltman Brothers, in the new additions to the Preemie Collection for 2019 is detailed and beautiful, embellished with delicate embroidery, and made with the same care and premium cotton fabrics as all of their collections.

The latest additions for 2019 include:

The Preemie Lovebirds sets in pink or white/pink, including the Diaper Set ($57.50), the Daygown Set ($55.90) and the Receiving Blanket ($41.90).

The Preemie Elephant sets in blue or white/blue, including the Diaper Set ($55.90), the Daygown Set ($53.90) and the Receiving Blanket ($41.00).

The Preemie Duckie sets in white/yellow or ivory/yellow, the Diaper Set ($57.90), the Daygown Set ($55.90) and the Receiving Blanket ($41.20).

Matching bonnets in white/white, pink/pink or blue/blue are also available ($15.90), along with booties in white, pink or blue ($21.50)

Since 1916, Feltman Brothers has been providing the world with authentic and timeless clothing for babies in classic tradition. Their designs reflect the elegance of vintage styling for children from newborn through toddler, including babies take-home attire, layette needs, sacred occasion gowns and accessories, holiday wear, and special occasion wear. Feltman Brothers is, and always has been, a family business, now three generations deep.

Visit them online at www.feltmanbrothers.com and on Instagram at www.instagram.com/feltmanbrothers



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