FilmRise Launches New Streaming Channels


Stream Away the Dog Days of Summer with FilmRise AVOD Offerings Including New “The Rifleman,” Western TV, and Destination TV Channels

It’s August now and temperatures are still rising out there. Sure, you could try to book a last minute trip out of town, but trips cost money and a lot of your effort.

What to do…

FilmRise can help you escape to another time and place without getting off your couch with our new Destination TV Channel, available now on the FilmRise Apps, as well as “The Rifleman” and Western TV Channels, both launching today, August 18th, on PlutoTV. Stream all of this content for free, as with all of FilmRise’s offerings!

“The Rifleman” Channel will feature a nonstop marathon of “The Rifleman,” the popular Western series that ran from 1958-1963 and stars Chuck Connors as a Wild West rancher who wields a customized Winchester rifle. The Western TV Channel has even more Western escapism, featuring TV titles such as “The Cisco Kid,” “The Real McCoys” and “Hopalong Cassidy.”

FilmRise’s Destination TV Channel has a wide range of content, so you can essentially circumnavigate the globe from the comfort of your own home! Titles include “Bear Grylls’ Survival School” (Series 1 & 2), “Everest: Man vs. Mountain,” “Baz’s Extreme World,” and much more.


 “The Rifleman” Channel – Now Available on PlutoTV

  • The adventures of a Wild West rancher, wielding a customized rapid-fire Winchester rifle, and his son. 

Western TV – Now Available on PlutoTV

  • “The Cisco Kid”
  • “The Real McCoys”
  • “Hopalong Cassidy”

Destination TV – Featured on the FilmRise App Throughout August

  • “Africa From the Ground Up”
  • “Asia from Above”
  • “Baz’s Extreme World” – Series 1
  • “Baz’s Extreme World” – Series 2
  • “Bear Grylls Survival School” – Series 1
  • “Bear Grylls Survival School” – Series 2
  • “Big Fish Man”
  • “Catching the Impossible”
  • “Challenged to the Limit”
  • “Durban Beach Rescue”
  • “Everest: Man vs. Mountain”
  • “Fish Trails”
  • “The Great Migration”
  • “Hidden Europe”
  • “Making Tracks”
  • “My Holiday Hostage Hell”
  • “Nature’s Treasure Islands”
  • “Nordic Wild”
  • “Treasure Islands”
  • “Ultimate Journeys”


I know what we will be doing this weekend! I had already planned to be semi-lazy as it is my husband’s birthday and chores can wait but now we will have something fun to stream and enjoy!

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