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Who a Firm Mattress is Best Suited For

Who a Firm Mattress is Best Suited For

If you’re tired of tossing and turning your way through the night, and waking up feeling stiff and far from refreshed, then you’ve probably come to terms that it’s time to get a new mattress. Even if your mattress isn’t causing you this much pain and discomfort, once it hits 10 years old it’s just time for a new one. Because mattresses aren’t exactly cheap, and they will determine how good of a sleep you get, you want to be sure you pick the best one right from the start. Here we’ll take a look at firm mattresses and who they are best suited for.

What is a Firm Mattress?

To put it very simply, a firm mattress is just that – very firm and is the opposite effect of the plush mattresses you find on the market. You can find firm mattresses that are medium-firm, firm, and extra-firm. The medium-firm varieties can act as an introduction mattress for those moving away from plush styles. The Amerisleep AS2 is a ‘medium firm’ mattress that is known to be very popular with consumers. You get the qualities of a firm mattress without it seeming too hard or stiff.

Speaking of that firmness, you can even find firm mattresses that have a pillow or cushion top on them. This provides a bit of softness and padding, yet there are no sacrifices made to the firmness of the actual mattress.

The Benefits of a Firm Mattress

Now keep in mind that firm mattresses aren’t going to be right for everyone. For some people it may be too firm and end up putting pressure on various points of their body. This can cause pain and even take your body right out of alignment. This is where that medium firm mattress or one with a cushion top may be a smarter choice.

Typically firm mattresses are known for offering the most amount of support. They help to promote a neutral spine position, which means your body is kept straighter. This is the ideal position. Because your lower back isn’t collapsing you’re actually able to get a deeper breath while you sleep, allowing you to inhale more oxygen. Firm mattresses can also help to reduce the pressure that your circulation system goes through. It improves blood flow through your entire body. If you’re the type that likes using a body pillow, firm mattresses tend to do the best with them.

It’s also important to be aware of some of the cons that can happen with a firm mattress. Sometimes they can be too hard, which makes it hard for you to get used to it. If you have lower back problems such as scoliosis or arthritis, it’s not usually a good option either.

No matter which mattress you end up picking, be sure you ask about a sleep guarantee. This should allow you to test the mattress out at home for a set amount of days, so you can make an informed decision.

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