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Five Helpful Tips For The Anxiety Ridden Soul

Five Helpful Tips For The Anxiety Ridden Soul

If you’re someone that constantly feels the need to relax because your mind is always thinking about the worst-case scenario, you’re probably experiencing anxiety. Be it your work life, your personal life, or even a far-off event such as existentialism, there is a lack of grounding and balance in the mind. To help you deal with the symptoms in the most effective way.

  • Try to curb catastrophizing: The art of making up the worst conclusions and imagining disasters in your mind can’t be done better than an anxious person. It may seem unreasonable to an outsider, but the paranoia is very real to the one experiencing it. Take the time to rationalize on paper why these things won’t happen to help yourself separate from your anxiety.
  • Try healing herbs: holistic healers recommend several herbs that you can try to calm your anxiety. For starters, lavender and hibiscus teas are excellent to calm an anxious heart. If you like to dabble with vapes and tinctures or CBD oil, getting a prescription from dispensaries such as 3 bros Santa Cruz will also help you stay present. Cannabidiol is very helpful to stay calm while working and also improves your immunity along with your sleep cycle.
  • Practice grounding exercises: One of the basic premises of feeling anxious is lacking firm grounding. This happens when you hold a lot of latent fear in your body that the psychosomatic triggers start to show up. If you’re experiencing muscle spasms or twitching when your anxiety is at its peak, try to ground your energy by using tested methods and breathing exercises. Deep belly breathing with the counts of 4-7-8 helps the best. It also slows your heart rate to start feeling calmer instantly.
  • Know when to get help: So many of us brush off these recurring thoughts of doom and gloom as a phase or something that’s in the background. However, while the hustle culture has normalized anxiety and depression, mental health activists and experts think otherwise. You must get help if your anxious thoughts have been interfering with your personal life, sleep cycle, and eating habits, and robbing you of the joy you once felt. It can be mitigated with the right treatment, medication, and tools.
  • Everyone experiences anxiety to a degree: Going through periods of anxiety can feel like the most isolating experience of our lives, it is certainly not the reality. If you feel like nobody feels the way you do, several people are dealing with multiple situations that cause them anxiety and it can be helped. No matter how bleak things may seem, there’s help available to help you get better. Visiting support groups plays a major role in helping one get accustomed to living fully despite their constant battle with anxiety.


Wrapping Up:

One of the most common mental health disorders experienced by people of all age groups, but especially young adults and the youth population is an anxiety disorder. While the severity of these anxious experiences can vary from person to person, the general definition of a diagnosis refers to anxiety as constantly intrusive thoughts that can ruin your peace by worrying about things. We hope that this read could help in shedding more information on anxiety.

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