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Five Ways to Incorporate Lamb into Your Diet

Five Ways to Incorporate Lamb into Your Diet

Rich in proteins and minerals, lamb is one of the tastiest and healthiest varieties of red meat. Australian lamb is considered one of the finest kinds in the world. People love lamb for its creamy texture and juicy flavour. 

 If you wish to savour the goodness of lamb, here is a list of exciting ways to include the meat in your diet.

The Tough and Prime Cuts

Before you explore various lamb recipes, you must understand the different cuts. Lamb cuts include rack of lamb, neck fillets, shoulder, loin fillet, breast, rump steak, and the saddle. The tough cuts taste best when stewed or braised, and the prime cuts are best served as roasted or barbecued. Minced lamb is also available and is an excellent alternative for making pies and burgers. You could look through some exciting recipes at to inculcate these cuts into your recipes.


Lamb Chops 

Lamb chops are a popular delicacy in many cultures. The rack of the lamb includes six chops that can be cut out separately or roasted as a whole. The chops cook quickly and can be flavoured with a variety of seasonings. Lamb chops seasoned with garlic and mixed herbs and tandoori lamb chops are some of the most popular ways to enjoy the meat. 


Lamb Soups 

Warm your winter days with hot and spicy lamb soups. You can make lamb soups  from lamb shanks, shoulder, or fillets. There are many ways to prepare lamb soups from a simple mix of lamb shanks and your favourite vegetables. Cook the meat and some assorted vegetables in clear broth and add garlic, thyme, rosemary, pepper and salt for taste. You may also play around with the spices and herbs to enrich the aroma and flavours of your soup. Lamb soups are healthy and a favourite among children. 

Lamb Salads

You can prepare lamb salads using minced lamb, lamb fillets, or leg steaks. The crispy lamb salad with feta cheese is one of the popular delicacies in many restaurants worldwide. Shredded lamb can be seasoned with different dressings such as balsamic or mustard and mixed with fresh garden produce like lettuce, red onions, and mint. Ground or shredded lamb with halloumi cheese and lemon dressing is a great comfort food from Middle Eastern cuisine. 

Lamb Tarts

Lamb tarts are very popular in Lebanese and Moroccan gastronomy. Minced lamb is seasoned with spices like chilli, roasted cumin, and garlic powder. The mix is spread on the pastry case with hummus and cheese. Parsley and mint leaves are sometimes added for extra flavour. When baked, the exotic spices mixed with the buttery lamb give out a strong and irresistible aroma. 

Roasted Lamb

Slow-roasted lamb is the ultimate delicacy for any meat lover. The spices and herbs penetrate through the layers of succulent meat and bring out the lamb’s natural flavors. Lamb can also be quick-roasted and served with gravy, salads, or baked potatoes. Lamb has a unique taste that goes well with almost every vegetable. To learn more about the different sides that go well with your lamb, browse through


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