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Gear Beast Universal Smartphone Pocket Lanyard

Gear Beast Universal Smartphone Pocket Lanyard

The product mentioned was received in exchange for an honest review. The thoughts contained within this post are mine and may vary from the thoughts of others.

What We Thought About Gear Beast Smartphone Lanyards

I was really excited to test these out because I was approaching a trip where having something like this on hand could be REALLY helpful and let me tell you- it was! We recently went on a trip to a major theme park; I usually wear workout pants to theme parks and that becomes problematic because I don’t have pockets to carry my stuff in. Gear Beast was a major game changer- I didn’t have to carry a backpack or a purse in order to ensure that I had my phone and wallet with me at all times, I had everything I needed around my neck! I was first taken aback at how small it was compared to my cell phone but I was pleasantly surprised when it fit my phone (in it’s heavy duty case) with ease. I was able to fit 3 cards (one heavy credit card, one debit card, and my driver’s license) as well as 2 $20 bills in the pocket while it was wrapped around my phone. I probably could have fit another card if I needed to! This made things super easy because my party was able to split up if we wanted to and I didn’t have to be tied down to a bag or too much stuff while I went off to do my own thing. I especially liked it because there was no adhesive involved (I’ve tried other card pocket products that left residue on my case that was nearly impossible to remove) so I wasn’t chained to a card pocket that I was only going to use temporarily. I also felt like my phone and cards were secure and not going anywhere which was a real relief. The lanyard was plenty long and is a thick material so it felt sturdy around my neck. The strap to the clear case was great as well- it wasn’t irritating and it still felt really sturdy. I failed miserably at getting my photo wearing these cases [I have a one track mind when I get to my favorite theme park] but I used them for most of the trip and even during times that we weren’t in the park and were just poking around town!

I can definitely see these Gear Beast lanyards being handy for attending major sporting events, concerts [especially as more and more major venues move toward a clear bag policy] and even for travel. There are so many times where I could see myself in situations such as music festivals, traveling with my toddler or even day-to-day running errands where these lanyards would be really helpful. And at a price point of $9.99 for the clear lanyard and $12.99 for the black ribbon lanyard, they are a really inexpensive but super convenient buy. I am so happy to have them! You can check out their website for the tons of different products and options they offer as well as some serious holiday sale prices, perfect for giving these products a try! They’d make excellent stocking stuffers!

About Gear Beast

Just as you’re inspired to stay active, set new goals, and realize your full potential, Gear Beast continually strives to create innovative and smart solutions to enhance your active lifestyle and help you defy limits. From triathlons to your daily fitness routine to a walk along the beach, Gear Beast is there in stride to propel you forward to do more. Our leading-edge designs are appealing both in function and fashion, and with a focus on high-quality products, we offer one of the best warranty programs in the industry.

At Gear Beast, our first priority is customer satisfaction. That is why we offer a One Year Warranty on all Gear Beast products purchased directly from Gear Beast or authorized resellers. Our Warranty Policy is straightforward: We offer to either replace, repair or refund your product, at our discretion, with any defect in manufacturing workmanship (but not due to customer damage). Our Warranty does not include connected devices, incidental and/or consequential damages of any kind. The customer is responsible for the one-way shipping cost to send the product to us. For any further questions regarding our Warranty, contact us. Our Warranty Policy is only applicable to the original owner of the product.



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