Get Cash Back on Luxury Shopping with Jewel

Get Cash Back on Luxury Shopping with Jewel

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Who doesn’t love retail therapy? I know I absolutely do. I especially love it when I can buy luxury brands and get up to 15% cash back too. Jewel offers a unique shopping experience that is totally different from competitors. Often we see programs that offer a percentage back on purchases but they are not from brands we love.


Signing Up

The sign up process for Jewel was so simple. I literally put in my email address and picked a password. That was it. I was given an immediate referral link to share with friends and a $5 bonus for signing up (which can take 72 hours to populate).


Why Sign Up?

As I mentioned above Jewel is for luxury brands. A simply click of the “all brands” tab showed me that this is so much more than just clothing and shoes like your traditional cash-back sites. I discovered everything from yes clothing and shoes to home goods like carpet. They have popular jewelry such as Alex and Ani which is a huge trend right now. Skincare such as Aveda offers cash back as well! Need linens? They have those too. I even found high end makeup which is a great thing, too.

It appears from my brief time as a member that Jewel really has every category covered and is offering some of the quickest turnaround for cash back that I have seen in awhile. As a seasoned practicer of frugal living I find that the quicker I can get the cash in my own account the more at ease I feel with my purchase.


Jewel offers payment via PayPal or check. This is perfect even for people who have not jumped on the PayPal bandwagon just yet.


Bonus Information

For every friend that you get to sign up you can earn a $5 bonus. 20 friends and you have earned a quick $100 in spending cash for some of your favorite products and you can even turn that $100 into more spending cash by using it to get something you like and earn cash back on that as well.


Why I Choose Jewel

If you guys know me personally you know I am busy. Often too busy to head to the crowded stores and often not wanting to search aisles of products to find the best deals. I can find better deals online and not have to get the kids dressed in the process. Let’s be honest I don’t have to dress myself to shop from the computer either.  

I love that with sites like Jewel I can literally sit here, search for a brand and head right to their site while knowing the exact percentage that I am going to earn back on my shopping experience. My favorite delivery people can bring things right to my door and I am alleviated from the shopping experience especially around the holidays.


What are you waiting for? Sign up for Jewel today! Get your $5 bonus and start earning more immediately by sharing the experience with your friends.

Samantha hails from Virginia and is a proud wife to a retired Deputy Sheriff and mother to two amazing little boys named Jack & William. A veteran product reviewer; Samantha has been reviewing products for 8 years and offers high quality product reviews with original photography.

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