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Get The Partner You Deserve: How To Dress Your Man

Get Healthy Together

It’s hard to feel good in what you’re wearing unless you feel good and confident about your body, so a good tip to help you bond with your partner is to start a keep fit routine together. Even if you aren’t really an exercise kind of girl, now is the time to start – aside from your boyfriend and the way he feels in his clothes, it’ll be great for your health too, and it’ll be an incredible bonding experience for the pair of you.

Focus On The Fit


Remember that the reason that celebrities like David Beckham and Jon Hamm look so incredible in what they wear isn’t the clothes themselves, but the fit of them. Not many guys would look good on a red carpet in a suit that hasn’t been tailored to his proportions. Take Zayn Malik, for example – one of the most good looking young celebrities in the world and a darling of fashion goddess herself Donatella Versace, but he’s short and slim – which means that if he wears untailored clothes, he looks as though he’s wearing something that should belong to his dad. Make sure that your man either buys clothes that fit him perfectly or that he gets them tailored to fit afterwards.

Consider His Shoes

You might consider yourself a person who isn’t shallow in the slightest, but let’s face it – we’ve all felt a slight frisson of horror at seeing a man’s shoes. Whether it’s seeing yellowing toenails and hairy toes in hideous hippie sandals on the train during the summer or turning up on a date to see your man in old sneakers that are falling apart, it is a truth universally acknowledged that a lot of men have horrible taste in shoes. First of all, it’s time to extend his shoe repertoire: he needs to learn that there are different sorts of shoes for different occasions and that he might wear different ones to the gym than he’ll wear later on a date. If you take him shoe shopping, he’ll learn what’s what in no time.

Help Him Donate His Clothes

If he has lots of old clothes cluttering up his closet, then it’s your duty as a kind partner to help him get rid of them so he can make space for some more items (that are hopefully a lot less hideous than the old ones). Spend an afternoon sitting in his room with him, going through his clothes – and most importantly, let him make his own decisions. You don’t know what exactly his feelings might be about that old shirt that you secretly wish he’d just burn, and you don’t want him to resent you for making him throw it out.

Give Him Fashionable Gifts



Let’s face it, one way to make your boyfriend or husband look good is to bite the bullet and dress him yourself, which means that you should go ahead and buy him one fashionable item for his birthday and for Christmas each year. A new shirt or sweater will never go wrong, or you could check out men’s suits online – particularly if you pick them in classic styles and colours that you know he’ll feel comfortable and confident in. Just make sure you remember to get him those Lego Star Wars figures too, or he’ll end up pouting.

Focus On The Details


One of the reasons that so many celebrity men look so immaculately put together is the details that their stylists add to their clothes. As your boyfriend’s personal stylist, it’s your job to do that for him. If he’s dressing up in a suit for a wedding, add a patterned pocket square along with matching socks so he ends up looking stylish in a sexy, classic way. Go for a tie bar too – although it’s a small detail, it’ll add effortless style to what he’s wearing.

Encourage Him To Develop His Own Style


The most important thing to remember about helping your partner revamp his style is just that – it’s his style, not yours, and he has to feel comfortable in what he’s wearing or he’ll end up feeling unhappy. Help him pick out new clothes but don’t force things on him that will make him feel uncomfortable. Ask him for his opinion, and take time with him in stores while he decides what he likes the most. Patience is key here – trying to figure out your look is sometimes a lifelong process, and many boys aren’t raised to be style conscious. Give him time, and he’ll find what he loves.


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