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Getting Ahead With Car Repairs

One of the biggest drains on our finances in this day and age is maintaining and upkeeping a vehicle. As soon as you buy a car, you are signing up for more money to be spent before you’ve even got it off the dealership forecourt; insurance and tax needs to be paid, services are recommended to be carried out and there are small things like brake fluid, oil, windscreen wash and light bulbs to take into consideration – they never last forever! So how are we able to stay one step ahead and bring our costs down?

Consider The Weather


How it is outside has more of an impact on your car than you may think. Cars that go over rough terrain will see their suspension start to deteriorate at quicker pace than those who are used to driving on smooth city surfaces; tyres will wear down faster and you are more likely to dent your vehicle. The same sort of logic can be applied to snow, rain and dry spells; the weather affects the grounding and environment that you car has to deal with on a daily basis. It’s not just standard cars that have to worry about this – trucks and SUVs can face the damage too, although weather-specific spares parts can be bought from and other car part traders to tackle this. The most important thing to remember when you buy parts to either replace or improve is that you are buying something of good quality, that will definitely last for as long it says it will – or at least have a warranty.

Be Consistent


It’s no good going to check your fluid levels one day but not remembering to do it again until there has been another sign that they’re getting low. While it may only be something small alerting you to it (such as not being able to squirt up a jet of windscreen wash), it has the potential to become something major – such as your head gasket blowing due to lack of coolant. Making a note in your diary to do a routine check every week will get you to grips with what’s normal and help you to familiarize yourself more with your car.

Clean It!


A buildup of dirt and grime doesn’t just harm things in the home; it can affect your car too. Making sure that it’s clean isn’t just keeping up appearances, it’s also helping to keep your car healthy. Just as doing a routine check on things such as your fluid levels can be extremely beneficial to the lifespan of your vehicle, it’s the same sort of spot that you’re aiming to hit when you’re giving your car a wash. You can look out for little signs that are letting on to a bigger picture, such as the tread getting low on the tyres or a small crack in the windscreen that will need sorting out before it spreads. That way you will be able to keep on top and get ahead before the problem gets out of control and expensive.


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