Getting Your Car Summer Road Trip Ready


Getting Your Car Sumer Road Trip Ready


With 2020 being a bust when it came to travel most people are looking to branch out, spread their wings and travel. We stayed home and made use of a lot of outdoor local hiking areas and walking trails but it still didn’t really satisfy my desire to travel.

Fast forward to 2021 and with most people wanting to travel I am right there with them, but we want to make sure our vehicle is travel ready. Here are some things you can do to make sure you are ready to hit the road:

  • Check your car battery
  • Inspect belts and hoses or take to a dealer such as Victory DCJR Kingwood for a once over
  • Top off fluids
  • Replace filters
  • Make sure all of your lights are functioning properly including your emergency flashers.
  • Inspect the tires
  • Make sure brakes are in good working order
  • Check air conditioning
  • Make sure your gauges work including knowing that your gas gauge is in proper working order to make sure you don’t get stranded especially in a remote area without cell phone service.

Another important thing to note is that many states have become “hands free” so you will want to have a holder installed for your cell phone, or honestly just tuck it away and enjoy the scenery by disconnecting from the digital world. That is seriously my favorite way when we travel. I use my phone for photos, but love going places that we have limited cell phone service.

If your vehicle is in good running condition is is very possible that you can make any type of road trip you want with no real concerns. If you have any concerns definitely check with your local dealership or repairman.

Be sure to take many adventures this summer and stay safe!

Samantha hails from Virginia and is a proud wife to a retired Deputy Sheriff and mother to two amazing little boys named Jack & William. A veteran product reviewer; Samantha has been reviewing products for 8 years and offers high quality product reviews with original photography.

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