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Gifting For Your Best Friend – Great Ideas For The Woman In Your Life!

When it comes to gift-giving, some of us love it or hate it. All of us like the reaction we can get when we give someone a gift that they absolutely love. But the process of finding and buying said gift in the first place can be a bit of a headache for many. One thing a lot of us are conscious of is giving gifts that are too generic, or perhaps gifts that the recipient has received before. This can be particularly problematic if you are buying a gift for someone who you have little in common with, such as someone much older or younger than you. But one person you shouldn’t have this problem with is your best friend. Getting a gift for your closest pal, whether it’s their birthday or because you just wanted to make a nice gesture, can mean that you have a huge range of things to choose from. Here are some examples of what you can pull out of the bag for a close friend, for a gift they’ll always treasure.

The adventurous friend

If you and your bestie have always had a sense of adventure than why not choose something out of the ordinary as your gift to them? You can book certain experiences, like skydiving or rally car racing as a gift pack for a set price. See what experiences are available near to you and book accordingly. Or, perhaps if a slightly less high-octane day out is more appropriate, why not book a weekend away for the two of you? Most of us find that we have less and less time to spend with our friends as we get older, as work and family life begin to take over. So getting a city apartment or a cabin in the forest for you both for a weekend can give you both the chance to have fun and reconnect.


The girly friend

We all know how expensive it can be being a woman. Makeup, hair products, nail appointments…they all add up, and it can mean that is where a lot of our money goes. With this in mind, often, it can be nice to treat each other to these things instead. Perhaps your friend has been lusting over a particular makeup palette and they have been saving up to buy it. Getting there before them and treating them to it can be a touching gesture. Also, pay attention to where you can get up to 50% OFF fragrances for her, as perfume never goes amiss for a birthday.


The sentimental friend

We all have those friends who we’ve known for what seems like forever and those who we have gone through thick and thin with. It can often be difficult to think of a present for someone like this, as most material items tend to do a disservice to the friendship. If nothing you can think of seems suitable, why not instead create a gift yourself? A memory box is a touching gift and you can fill it with all kinds of things – don’t just limit yourself to old photographs. Some of your friends favourite retro candy is a great addition and you could even make a mixtape of all the songs you grew up with.

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