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Give The Outside Of Your Home Some TLC After Bad Winter Weather

The harsh winter weather can play havoc on the outside of our homes, from broken roof tiles to chipped paint. We all want to feel proud of our home as we approach it from the road, so when it’s looking a bit sorry for itself after a hard winter, the least we can do is give it some TLC. Once the weather is more clement in spring, before it gets super hot in summer, is the best time to get some of this work done so that your home is beautiful for the warmer months.


Clear the guttering

Fall and winter will fill guttering up with leaves and other debris, which can cause blockages and leaks into your home. The best way to ensure everything is flowing smoothly in spring is by getting up there and getting your hands dirty, clearing out any sediment and blockages and hosing it down, while also checking that there are no leaks in the joints of the gutter. This will stop any problems developing over the coming year which could be exacerbated in the following winter, but it’ll also help to ensure you don’t end up getting drenched as you leave your front door by a leaking gutter. It’s basically spring cleaning for the outside of your home.


Polish up the woodwork

The heavy rain or snow and hard winds can cause any external paint to start to chip away, making your home look shabby (and not in a chic way). Spring is a great time to get up the ladder and sand down any woodwork before repainting – you could even go for a full makeover and try out a new color. Make sure you get any woodwork around the windows, the gables, and the door. To get the best finish, it could be worth calling in professional painting services. They’ll be able to advise on the best products to use, and ensure you get a smart and lasting finish.

Clear the yard

Blown down leaves and branches and dead plants that didn’t survive the winter can make a yard look unloved, which in turn can make the home seem shabby and outdated. Late winter and early spring are the best times to get your yard work done, pruning back old trees and planting new bulbs to flower in spring and summer. It’ll also help to protect your home, as an overgrown yard can be quite an attractive prospect to potential burglars, who use the overgrown foliage to hide and wait until you go out. Two very good reasons to get your green fingers warmed up.


Fix the roof

Any broken or dislodged roof tiles are going to need fixing before next winter, and spring is as good a time as any. A whole new roof can be a big expense, but replacing broken tiles is a cheap way to ensure that your home isn’t at risk of any major leaks in the coming months, and it smartens it up a little too.


Spring is a great time to get outdoor house and yard work done. The sun is shining but it isn’t too hot, and it’s a good excuse to get outside after a few cold months.


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