Gladiator Lending: Discover Financial Freedom

Gladiator Lending: Discover Financial Freedom

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Many people enter adulthood with no idea about the stresses that finances can bring. 18 year olds enter college with the idea that they will often have enough scholarships and other incentives but instead obtain a 4 or more year degree with thousands of dollars in debt.

Purchase a home  and you are adding even more debt. Furthermore, owning a car with a note attached, unplanned financial crisis and even starting a family all come with bills and things that come up that we have no idea what to expect or how much these things will cost.


What is financial freedom with Gladiator Lending?

Financial freedom is a term that we often hear, but have no idea what it really means. What are we free of exactly?


Financial freedom means that you get to make life decisions without being overly stressed about the financial impact because you are prepared. You control your finances instead of being controlled by them. The path to financial independence isn’t a get-rich-quick strategy. (This is the definition given by Dave Ramsey.)


Being able to conquer debt is a great way to become free from financial burdens.

How Do I Learn More About Gladiator Lending?


Gladiator Lending has a great Twitter page where they share some amazing information about the world we live in and how debt really affects people. Recently they shared an article about the number one stress factor in people’s lives and you guessed it, the answer is money.


CNBC shared many things about money that stress people out and I have to agree with this list 100%. Money is something we all worry about and I feel that it is truly as the old saying goes “the root of all evil”.


  • Money is many Americans’ top worry, ranking higher than health, family and work, according to a recent report from BlackRock. (can you insert a link to the report on blackrock here?)
  • But there is a cure. “Focusing on retirement planning helps alleviate stress and improves your overall well-being today,” BlackRock President Robert Kapito says

If you can’t sleep at night, chances are it’s because of cash woes.


Money is many Americans’ top worry, ranking higher than health, family and work, according to BlackRock’s annual Global Investor Pulse survey.


But there can be some relief, BlackRock found. Those who are saving for a retirement feel better overall than those without a retirement savings plan, the study said.


For too many people, investing and retirement planning are all about an intangible future,” BlackRock President Robert Kapito said in a statement.


Credit Cards & Lack of Financial Freedom

TheStreet was another source shared by Gladiator Lending with an article showing the average credit card debt in America.

Credit card debt is high and getting higher, as Americans are growing more lax about accumulating credit card debt.

According to data from, the average individual credit card debt stands at $5,331 in 2019. Additionally, on a monthly basis, most Americans don’t pay their credit card balance in full every month – 55% don’t regularly pay in full.

What Is the Average Credit Card Debt in the U.S?

Here’s a closer look at how credit card debt stacks up demographically (specifically in age and income) across the U.S. (data from Value Penguin’s Average Credit Card Debt in America: February 2019).

Average Credit Card Debt by Age

First up is the average credit card debt by age. Notice how plastic-related debt starts out low and moves up, and tops out, and 45 to 54 years. Those are peak earning years for credit card consumers, and they can better afford the higher level of debt.


Credit card debt then slows down as Americans shift into retirement mode, with average debt declining from $9,096 at ages 45 to 54 to $5,638 at age 75 and over. At that point, retired Americans are living in fixed income mode, and spend significantly less using their credit cards.


Why Choose Gladiator Lending?

Gladiator Lending appears to be a company that is focused on the real deal. Life can leave us in debt that we do not expect to have, and often debt that we do create ourselves (who hasn’t gone on a trip they really couldn’t afford to just get away?) but they seem to have a solid way to help us all achieve the end dream; financial freedom.

Couples dream of owning their own homes, getting married and starting a family. I find that we now have those things and while I love it now our real focus is keeping debt at a minimum and learning to live with a modest amount of money while saving as much as possible. I really find that the older that my husband and I get we really thrive well on saving and enjoy it a lot more than we did when we were younger and just getting started out in the real world.

When you have everything you need and your wants are more in a modest place as you get older it feels easier to save money rather than splurge. Don’t get me wrong, we still love to buy some things that we want and we have everything we absolutely need. We still take vacations and we still spoil our kids rotten, but our thought process about money has come a long way since 2010 when we first got together and we chose to eat out more than we cooked at home and didn’t have $5 in savings. I was a college student, he was a full time deputy sheriff. We were just not savers and it definitely showed. We couldn’t have afforded for the dryer to eat a sock, let alone a major household emergency.


It is great to know we now have a cushion, but also great to know that companies like Gladiator Lending exist in case we get into a pickle and need an extra hand or some financial advice. Next up for us; home remodel. Bigger master bedroom here I come!

Samantha hails from Virginia and is a proud wife to a retired Deputy Sheriff and mother to two amazing little boys named Jack & William. A veteran product reviewer; Samantha has been reviewing products for 8 years and offers high quality product reviews with original photography.


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