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How Green Can You Go (And Why Would You Bother?)

Going green is all about saving the planet, right? Well, in a way that could (hopefully) be a benefit of a greener lifestyle. For most families, going green is about adopting small changes that can add up to better health and a more natural approach to life. You might choose to focus on the health benefits or focus on reducing your waste. But why not focus on how much money you could be saving by going green? If you’re not a fan of walking or biking, then you can definitely ride in style with an electric hoverboard!


When you do it for the money, it suddenly becomes much more measurable. You might also avoid that ‘hippy’ label that seems to have become so unpopular lately too. When you’re asked why you’re making home cleaning products out of vinegar and lemons, you can simply say it saves you a fortune in bleaching solutions. Of course, reducing all those chemicals in the house is safer and healthier for your pets and kids too.


The cost of fresh produce has skyrocketed. When a tray of donuts on offer costs less than a single apple, you know something’s not quite right with the world. Of course, if that apple was growing in your yard, it would be free of charge to you. Fresh off the tree, and so much healthier than a donut! You could grow most of your vegetables and herbs at home too. You won’t believe the flavor. And no lorries were used in delivering them to you.

The school run and the commute to work are definitely pet peeves for most of us. Sitting in your car in stationary traffic is stressful, time wasting, and unhealthy. If you’ve not got far to go, why not enjoy the fresh air and exercise you’ll get by walking? You might even get there a bit quicker! For longer journeys cut the fuel costs and the insurance bill with something like an elektrische scooter or an electric car. Charge it from your home solar panels and journeys will cost you nothing.


Of course, installing solar panels offers you more than a power source for your car or scooter. You can dramatically cut your electric bill by using all your power hungry devices while the sun shines. You might even be able to earn an income by selling the power generated that you don’t use. Heat all your water for free. Cook your meals in the slow cooker for free. No fossil fuels or harmful pollutants required.


Would you get rid of your car for good? It’s a big ask if you don’t live in the city with everything just a short walk away. Still, when you consider the cost of car ownership these days, you might be better off using your legs or your scooter to get about. If you need to save all those thousands of dollars the car is draining from you, then why not try to find a way? Hiring a car when you need it for longer journeys a few times a year certainly won’t cost nearly as much.


So how green would you go? If it saves you a lot of money, perhaps you’d be more tempted to try? Can you afford not to try?

Samantha hails from Virginia and is a proud wife to a retired Deputy Sheriff and mother to two amazing little boys named Jack & William. A veteran product reviewer; Samantha has been reviewing products for 8 years and offers high quality product reviews with original photography.

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