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When we think of wedding preparation and getting ready for the big day, our thoughts naturally turn to the women. After all, for many, many years it has been a big tradition for women, having their bachelorette parties and spending the night before and the morning of their wedding getting ready for their wedding with their friends and family. However, the tide is turning and now it is just as big a deal for men as it is the women.


You will find plenty of getting ready for your wedding day guides for women out on the internet, but here, we share some tips for the grooms getting ready for their magical day. Read on to find out more.

Do something fun first


Before you start the serious business of sharpening up for your suits, spend some time having a bit of fun with your groomsmen. Head outside for a game of soccer, shoot some hoops or play some pool. This will relax you, strengthen your bond with your groomsmen and hopefully eliminate any pre-wedding jitters you have. 


Get the professionals in


Hire a barber to come in and give you all a fresh haircut in the morning or style it and give you a clean shave. If you prefer to rock a bit of facial fur, find out how to fix a patchy beard in advance so you look perfectly groomed as a groom.


Have a toast


Whether you pop the champagne, pour the whisky or clink your beer bottles, make sure you have a toast before you set off. You are celebrating something pretty huge! Just remember not to drink too much – no one wants the party to be started and potentially ended too prematurely. 


Spray that cologne


In the weeks or months leading up to your wedding, you will have hopefully decided on the cologne that you are going to wear on your special day. It may be the one you wear all the time – your signature scent – or it may be something a little different from your usual one. Do not forget to give a good spray before you head out, and if possible, take it with you for later on. If necessary, ask your groomsmen to pop it somewhere safe.


Brush and floss your teeth


This is one to probably do before you get dressed in your finest – you can almost guarantee that if you wait until you are suited and booted, you will end up dropping toothpaste all over you! When you kiss your bride, you will want fresh-smelling breath, so make sure you give your teeth a good brush and floss and maybe take some mints for the journey there. I


Take some deep breaths and a moment to yourself


Most importantly, make sure that at some point in the chaos, you take a few moments for yourself. Take some big deep breaths and spend a few minutes taking it all in and preparing yourself for the biggest day of your life. 


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