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Growing Old: Best Ways To Future-Proof Your Home

As we get older, our lives change a little bit and it becomes more and more important to make certain adjustments here and there. What we choose to make a priority, in the past we may have enjoyed gambling at websites like this, but if you’ve have a family and a home this will have likely changed.  For example, the idea of keeping your convertible sports car may sound great but given you can no longer get in or out of it will have some sway over your decision and encourage you to make a change. The same should go for your home.


Planning ahead when it comes to making your house more suited to your needs is a great way for you to grow old in your home, to maintain your independence and manage on your own; something that is increasingly important for elderly people.


That is why we have come up with a few things you may want to consider when it comes to future-proofing your home, your palace, your castle. So, without further ado, here are our top tips to make your space more old-age friendly:


Forget Upstairs

If you have difficulty navigating stairs then your best bet is to move anything you class as essential downstairs. This could be an easy switch that just requires your bed is brought down, or it could mean a major overall that sees a bathroom and loo be installed on your ground floor.


Better Bathrooms

Who doesn’t love a bath? Well, people who can’t get into them very easily, for one. That is why it is worth overhauling your bathroom to counter your decrease in balance and mobility. You can get an easy-access bath with a door in these days, which is well worth investigating. If you’re a shower person, however, then a wet room or a level access shower is your best bet.


Home Maintenance

It is well worth having a home maintenance plan put in place as you get older, especially with regards to your heating. You don’t want to winter to come around and your boiler fails you. So, make sure you speak to a professional outfit, like those at, and set up a maintenance plan to suit you. If you are proficient on your phone, it could also be worth getting a smart thermostat installed to make you that little bit more comfortable.


Remove All Hazards

There can be a lot to consider on this front, but it is better to be ruthless with your approach than it is to be too gentle. Things like rugs, mats, and other trip hazards need to be addressed, while it is also worth rearranging furniture to suit wheelchair access. Of course, there are other age-related illnesses to be concerned with too, such as dementia. Shiny floors may seem to wait and carpets with patterns may look like holes in the floor. So consider your needs and then address them.


Handy Handrails

If mobility is becoming an issue then it could be a great idea to start installing handrails around your home. These could be used to help you climb the stairs, or give you support in the bathroom or help you up the steps that lead into your home or whatever. Just having something to hold onto you as you go about your lie will aid your independence hugely.

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