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A Guide To Keeping Your Home In Order Every Day

Are you sick and tired of spending ages making your home look presentable? Does it just seem to fall apart easily? This guide to keeping your home in order every day will give you some valuable advice. Take a look!


Teach Your Kids While They’re Young

If you teach your kids to clean up after themselves while they’re young, you won’t get any earache from them when they’re older. You can’t do everything for them while they’re young and expect them to be happy doing it themselves as they grow up. Getting them into this habit, and even the habit of helping you out is a great way to keep your home in order not only now, but the future too.


Clean Up As You Go Along

Always clean up as you go along. Never leave anything until later if you can help it. This means making your bed as soon as you get up. It means washing a plate as soon as you’ve finished with it. Wiping up a spill straight away. Don’t put things off, because it’ll only make it harder to do them later on.

Create A Rota

When your kids are old enough, it could be a good idea to create a rota for the whole family to stick to. You can vary up the chores if you want, as this could possibly make it a more fair on everyone. If one of your kids is scrubbing the toilet every week, they’ll probably feel a little resentful. You could even have a reward chart along with the rota, so that they can collect things like stickers/stars and feel good about their hard work.


Stay On Top Of Essential Chores

Make sure you stay on top of the essential chores, such as the washing. For instance, you could get into the habit of putting a load of washing on as soon as you return home.


Invest In Things To Make Life Easier

There are a number of things you can invest in to make your life easier. How about an automatic vacuum from somewhere like This way, you simply set up your vacuum and your floors are always clean. No need to constantly chase your kids around with it as they drop crumbs and things.


Keep Your Home As Simple As Possible

Try to keep your home as simple as possible to avoid it getting cluttered. You can still have a great looking home while keeping it as simple as you can. Avoid having lots of ornaments as things, as this just means you have more things to dust and straighten up. You also have more things that can get broken if you have kids or pets! Make sure your home is practical and you won’t need to spend too long cleaning it.


These tips should help you to come home to a much tidier home each day. Try not to stress about it too much if you have young kids. Spending time together is more important than making sure the dishes are clean!

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