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Happy & Polly Pet Products Review


Happy & Polly Pet Products Review

We received the mentioned products in exchange for an honest review. The thoughts contained within this post are ours and may vary from the thoughts of others.


Recently we received some great new pet products from Happy & Polly. These products have helped us in not only the grooming process but also walking our favorite furry friends.


I want to highlight some of the perks of these products and how they are making grooming our pets more enjoyable, especially our German Shepherd named Kate.


The retractable leash has been one of my favorite new things for walking Buddy. Typically these types of leashes will “strip” and not work properly after the first few walks. Not true with the Happy & Polly retractable leash. This awesome leash also comes with a case that carries the poo bags for easy clean up when taking Buddy for walks in public places.

 Much thicker material and special sewing design make the leash super durable;
– Flexible break-release system to keep your dog in full control;
– Selected poop bag holder with 15 bags make dog walking more convenient.
One point that stands out from this product is the additional bungee leash. It has below advantages:
-Dissipate quick forces and optimize comfort and safety for both you and your dog. When your dog takes off unexpectedly, you won’t get a bone jarring shock thanks to the bungee effect of the leash. Meanwhile, it prevents your dog’s neck from reined painfully.
The brushes are very much high quality and we know they are going to last a very long time.
The Undercoat Rake is great for Kate who happens to have one of the thickest coats I have ever seen on a dog. Less undercoat fur means less loose hair that is floating around in our house and my vacuum is thankful for that!
We were fortunate to get a Dematting Tool after a very rainy spell and Kate took a dive right into a mud puddle. This made her coat literally matted and disgusting. I didn’t want to cut her hair, it was too soon to bathe her again and we found that this tool was brilliant! I loved that it took the mats out but didn’t rip her hair.
Last but absolutely not least we got a double sided brush and this works for both of our dogs. I love that this brush has a great soft handle that makes using it comfortable for me because if you have ever groomed a dog you know it can become quite time consuming.  I find that both dogs look sleek and their coats have been in amazing condition since becoming users of Happy & Polly.
If you are looking to spoil your pets check out Happy & Polly on Amazon and don’t forget if you are a Prime member you get free 2 day shipping! Also if you are looking to add some great products to your pet’s Christmas stocking this year check out these products and many more on our 2018 Holiday Gift Guide!

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