Helping Your Partner Cope With Enlarged Prostate

Helping Your Partner Cope With Enlarged Prostate

Prostate enlargement is a common issue amongst older males. In fact, 50% of men over sixty have benign prostate hyperplasia (BPH) and the number increases to 90% in men over eighty. Since the symptoms related to the condition come gradually, the patient may not be the first one to take them seriously. Rather, if your partner suffers from an enlarged prostate, there are chances that you may notice the signs first. Fortunately, there is much you can do to help your partner deal with the issue. Here are some ways you can actually save them from trouble in the long run.

Don’t let them ignore the symptoms 

If your partner wakes up several times during the night to urinate, there are good chances that he has an enlarged prostate. Apart from frequent urination, other signs include a weak stream, dribbling, and a feeling of incomplete emptying of the bladder and sometimes, sexual dysfunction. Men often end up ignoring these signs because they appear to be a normal part of the aging process. Make sure that your partner does not ignore these signs and convince them to see a urologist sooner rather than later. Though it will probably be BPH, a checkup is essential to eliminate the possibility of prostate cancer. Counsel him that there is nothing to worry about because doctors often recommend the “wait and watch” for the patients who don’t have severe symptoms.

Help them with natural remedies

Seeing a doctor is the first thing that your man should do for a confirmed diagnosis, but you can also do some research on natural remedies for the condition. Thankfully, foods like leafy greens, tomatoes, bell peppers, sesame seeds, and avocados are considered as natural remedies for the condition. Further, there are natural prostate supplements that are effective for resolving the symptoms to a considerable extent. Green tea and hibiscus tea are rich in potent antioxidants that provide protection from prostate issues. You can easily help your partner make these healthy choices and steer clear of the symptoms the natural way. 

Discuss the best line of treatment 

Apart from the herbal remedies, you also need to discuss the best line of treatment with your partner and their doctor. The first visit is most likely to be a simple affair as an experienced doctor will probably be able to give a diagnosis on the basis of history alone. However, they may suggest some blood tests and an internal examination of the gland rule out serious conditions. This is something that your partner may be apprehensive about but you must convince him about it. Based on the diagnosis, the doctor would suggest various treatment options. Assess the medication, non-invasive and surgical alternatives and help your partner to make up their mind. Discuss the pro and cons along with the side effects of each option and make a wise decision that your partner is comfortable with.

Although prostate enlargement is a non-cancerous condition, you must not ignore it. Rather, timely action and treatment can help your partner lead a normal life and resolve the symptoms in the long run.

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