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What Your Home Improvement Project Reveals About You

Do you sometimes have that feeling that you want to change something important in your house? Home improvement and renovation projects are among the main household projects for homeowners. Naturally, there are other projects, such as inviting friends over or planning a nice holiday. But all things considered, it seems that homeowners have a lot of fun planning the continual improvement of their home, sweet home. There is more than one kind of improvement, and the reasoning behind your home projects says a lot about your aspirations and your dreams. The man who chooses to clear out his gutters and the woman who is painting the bedroom wall in a pale shade of purple are worlds’ apart in their perspective of life. The first one is keeping his house safe and clean, while the latter is creating a new décor. One could argue that they have different priorities in life, but priorities are only defined by the situation one experiences. What matters is that they have different objectives. And this is exactly what says a lot about your mindset. So dive into this little guide and discover what each home improvement project says about your personality and your thoughts.  

Add Value To Your Home

There is a very practical thought behind some home renovation projects. They are not only designed to make your life easier, but they bring additional value to the house. Homeowners who think in these terms are already aware that they will not stay in their house forever. They are projecting the future sale of the house to find a bigger, better one. Consequently, you can expect functional improvement projects to be already estimated not in terms of cost but in terms of how much they will add to the final value of the house. The common projects seem to focus primarily on renovating the kitchen with updated appliances and refreshing the bathroom with new shower equipment. While these may seem simplistic, the kitchen and the bathroom are the two main rooms of concerns for buyers. In short, a little DIY love will not get unnoticed!


Make It A Safer Place

For homeowners with children, or who are planning to start a family, the main concern is about guaranteeing the safety of everyone in the house. This means that everything is done to ensure that the house is safe and secure, from getting in touch with a contractor to organize putting in your garage door to investing in a high-quality alarm system. A safe home is a house that doesn’t let any open access for the occasional burglar, and that monitors unexpected visitors and in-house risks such as smoke and gas. It is not uncommon for the safety-aware homeowners to invest in remote-controlled gate – preferably with a camera for constant monitoring – as this prevents risks of forced intrusion and theft that could occur with a manually operated gate. Also consider adding a locking garage door from a great garage door company in Chicago.


Save On Your Bills

With the increasing cost of energy, more and more budget-conscious homeowners are looking at ways to save on their household budget permanently. In short, they are looking at improving the areas that are commonly associated with energy waste. Insulation and old windows are the first elements to be changed. Depending on the budget that is allocated for the home improvement project, these elements can be part of DIY work. When this is the case, the insulation around the windows tends to be improved with a new sealant, which is a cost-effective solution when it targets the appropriate problem area. However, sometimes, old windows simply needs to be upgraded. Another area of energy waste is linked to heating thermostats that can’t be easily set to match your lifestyle. Digitally accessed thermostats, such as Nest for example, enable homeowners to set the house temperature ready for when they come home. This means that there is no more need to keep the heating constantly on when you are away.


Make Room For The Family

When the family is growing, it can sometimes feel like the house is too crowded or small for everyone. This kind of feeling develops in families with several children, often in their teenage years as they need more personal space. In this case, homeowners are looking at home extension projects, which they tend to plan with the help of a professional builder. Indeed, home extension projects are about extending the basic home structure to create additional rooms. Most home insurances frown at the idea of DOY structural work and refuse to cover damages caused by inexperienced builders. Commonly, home extension projects are looking at adding an extra bedroom, increasing the size of the kitchen or the front room, or also adding a second bathroom to avoid queueing in the morning. You can also include an updated garage door from a reputable company seen here.

Planning a garden extension like a pro

Change Décor

Sometimes, there is nothing that needs to be done to the home except giving it a personality. This is when homeowners consider changing their interior décor. This often comes as a desire to create a more personal home in which they feel comfortable and understood. When it comes to interior décor, the sky is the limit! But more decor projects are often related to painting, wallpaper and refurbishing rooms in a human-friendly design. Interior décor is preferably a DIY project, as homeowners like to invest time and energy in making the house theirs. As a result, every home tends to have a personality of its own.

Save The Environment

Last, but not least, there are also the environment-friendly homeowners, who are aware that they need to save the planet for the future generations. Their home improvements projects bring green technology and often great gardening skills together. They want to be in a position to generate most of their energy independently, via solar panel, heat pumps and even using water power if they live near a source of water. This is generally combined with amazing vegetable gardens that supply the family with most nutrients for each season. Saving the environment is a priority, just as much as their independence from private and governmental suppliers. But who are we to judge these people who actively make the world a greener place?


Samantha hails from Virginia and is a proud wife to a retired Deputy Sheriff and mother to two amazing little boys named Jack & William. A veteran product reviewer; Samantha has been reviewing products for 12 years and offers high quality product reviews with original photography.

Samantha hails from Virginia and is a proud wife to a retired Deputy Sheriff and mother to two amazing little boys named Jack & William. A veteran product reviewer; Samantha has been reviewing products for 12 years and offers high quality product reviews with original photography.

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