Home Improvement Projects to Start This Spring

Home Improvement Projects to Start This Spring

With the arrival of Spring only a few months away, you may have already started thinking about the home improvement projects you plan on starting once the weather warms up.  Not only are home improvement projects fun to do, but they can also add value to your home should you ever decide to sell it. Whether you’re an existing homeowner or looking to purchase one of the Waterloo homes for sale, here are a few home improvement projects to try this spring!

Add Some Greenery

With spring comes new life, so why not add some lush greenery to your space?  Planting flowers and bushes can really liven up the exterior of your home and give it a fresh new feel, especially after the long winter.  Window boxes with flowers will add some color to your home, and you’re sure to get plenty of compliments from visitors as well! As for the inside if your home, try adding small potted plants and faux garland around the house for a pretty, earthy look.  There are tons of DIY planter projects and interesting ways to display plants in your home, all it takes is a little creativity!

Break Out the Paintbrushes

Spring is the perfect time to give your home a fresh coat of paint, and the best part is most paint projects can be done in one weekend!  If there is a particular room in your home that could use a pop of color, head to your local paint store and pick out a few color swatches that catch your eye.  “Statement walls” have become popular trends in many homes today, as it is a fun way to play with color without committing to painting the entire house. In addition to paint, removable wallpaper is a great way to add some flair to a room without permanently altering it.  When you get tired of it, simply remove the wallpaper and swap it out for a different one!

Revamp Your Outdoor Area

If you have a patio, deck or other kind of outdoor space, show it a little TLC this spring!  Patios and decks are great spaces to relax and entertain, so putting some extra thought into the appeal of that part of your house can make all the difference.  Start by assessing the comfortability of your outdoor space- does it feel welcoming? What can you do to make the area more inviting? Adding cozy elements like pillows, a new area rug, and string lights can really take your patio to the next level, and you’ll be excited to have guests over to show off your space!

Show Your Kitchen Some Love

The kitchen is often one of the most frequented areas in a home, so make sure to pay special attention to it this spring.  Things like new curtains, lighting and other decor can really brighten up the space, and you’ll instantly see a difference in the overall vibe of your kitchen.  One easy way to breathe new life into your kitchen is by replacing your cabinet knobs with fun, colorful ones.  This is a quick and inexpensive way to revamp the room, and you’ll look forward to spending time in the kitchen with some new hardware!

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