Homeschooling; The First 3 Months

Homeschooling; The First 3 Months

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Here are are– 3 months in. While yes we did homeschool for preschool this year it is the “real deal” and while I was nervous I am very happy to say that with the help of a day-to-day curriculum planner and the help of some great mentors I feel that we have a great little routine going.


The journey to our homeschooling decision was paved with wonderful intentions. I had plans for weekly art projects, lots of interaction, seasonal crafts and other fun things but honestly a lot of weeks we are just too tired. Life happens and we just do our basic work and get that out of the way to forge on to the next thing.


Education is such a hard topic to discuss sometimes. We want the best for our children and obviously homeschooling isn’t for everyone. I have been looking to the internet and other local resources to find inspiration and new ideas on education to keep things fresh even 3 months into this journey.  I even looked around and found a list of 100 Famous Homeschoolers in my decisions HA!


As the holidays approach I promise myself and our boys we WILL make some handprint turkeys, we will color until our fingers are numb, we will do seasonal crafts and will start to make some great homemade Christmas ornaments. These are musts no matter how you are educated simply to make memories.


Another thing I plan to change with our journey is timing. Jack seems to learn better in the evenings because let’s face it, not everyone is a morning person. Jack does better sometimes having his school time in the afternoons or we have even done some after dinner. He loves it. His energy levels are more even in these times as well.


All in all these 3 months have shown that Jack tests well as he took his first exams, he loves to please and thrives in many areas of education. We have worked on letters, numbers, reading, social studies and we have even worked on the simpler things in life such as learning addresses, important phone numbers and other “good to know” things about life. We have talked about holidays, politics (on a kindergarten level) and we even got to vote together so he knows how these things work too. And to normalize things even more we even have our own homework battles and times when we truly struggle with getting things done just like other public school students.

Please feel free to follow our homeschooling journey and comment what you think! We have enjoyed sharing this part of our lives with everyone and look forward to seeing how others homeschool in a less than traditional way.  If you are thinking about homeschooling and have questions about the day to day please also feel free to reach out. I am always open to talking about things in a real perspective.


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