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The Hottest Gadgets to Have in Your Kitchen This Summer

Summer is here, and you know what that means, lots of sunshine, salads and alfresco dining. To really make the most of this fabulous season, it makes sense to stock up your kitchen not only with refreshing summer foods but also with gadgets that make cooking and eating in summer better than ever before.


Here are just a few of the hottest gadgets you should consider adding to your kitchen this summer:


The Prepworks Zip Slicer


There’s nothing quite like chowing down on a refreshingly light salad when the sun is in the sky, and you’re enjoying dinner in the yard. However, prepping your salads is a different matter entirely. All of that chopping and slicing can take a long time, and the salad never seems to look as good as the ones at your favorite restaurant. All that can change, if you invest in the Prepworks Zip Slicer – a great little gadget that will make easy work of tomatoes and summer fruits, slicing them all up perfectly in a matter of seconds.


A Sub Zero Wine Cooler Fridge

When it’s hot outside, the last thing you want is to be confronted with a tepid glass of white wine and with the Sub Zero wine cooler fridge, you don’t have to. Each and every glass of wine you pour will be perfectly chilled, and the sun’s UV rays will not be able to damage your precious wines.


A Marinade Infusing Meat Tenderizer


Barbecues are obviously a big feature of summer lunches and dinners, especially at the weekend, but barbecue can be pretty bland if you don’t take the time to properly marinate your meat. The marinade infusing meat tenderizer is, therefore, a great time saver because it allows you to perfectly marinate your meat while you tenderize it, and because the marinade is infused, you’re guaranteed a big burst of flavor in every bite.


Popsicle Molds

When it’s hot and humid, and you’re struggling to stay cool in the summer heat, nothing can refresh you quite like that first bite if a delicious popsicle. Of course, most popsicles aren’t exactly healthy, and most of them are aimed at kids, so why not treat yourself to your own set of popsicle molds, which will enable you to create ‘adult’ sweet treats. You can use banana, summer fruits, and even cocktail mixes to create unique flavors that are perfect for serving at barbecues.


An Ice Cream Machine


As an alternative to making your own popsicles, you could always create your own ice creams for the summer season. It’s so easy to do when you have a great ice cream machine on hand to help you, and it makes coming up with a delicious dessert for the end of those summer dinner parties a lot easier than before. It also enables you to control the amount of sugar and fat you consume in sweet treats during the warmer months.


Are you a summer kitchen queen? What are your most vital summer kitchen gadgets?


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