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House Edge vs Slots RTP: Are they the same?

House Edge vs Slots RTP: Are they the same?

When browsing the internet trying to find the online slot games that will bring you the most bucks, it can be very easy to get bogged down in heaps of lingo and jargon that make the whole search seem unnecessarily difficult.

Among all these heavy to handle terms sits house and slots RTP. They are written every so much so that the average igamer might begin to think that they are integral to online slots playing. If you were as confused about what house edge and RTP is as we were then do not worry because you are not alone!

Knowing these phrases is not needed to play Bonanza Slots, however, if you have a little understanding of what house edge and RTP is, and if they are the same or not, your igaming experience will be dramatically improved and you will begin to see more cash coming in!

What is House Edge and Slots RTP?

If you know these two terms, you will be well on your way to becoming a master of online casinos. As we mentioned above, knowing about house edge and slots RTP does not automatically make you a great player, but, it will increase your understand of the game and will thus help you in choosing the slots that bring home the most bacon!

RTP explained:

  •         Before we get into house edge, you ought to know about RTP. It stands for return to player and acts as an indicator of how much return you will get from your bets.
  •         It is important to remember that it is an average because you do not lose every turn, obviously!
  •         If a slot’s RTP is 80% and you bet £100 in one wager, that indicates that, on average, you will be returned £80.
  •         This does not account for wins or jackpots because if you secure them then you do not lose anything.
  •         The trick for a professional igamer is to choose a slot game with a high RTP to get the most return.

House edge explained:

  •         The house edge is not necessarily exclusively in slot games because every casino is regarded as the ‘house’ and therefore will have some kind of advantage.
  •         House edge is the advantage which the house has, and it can be worked out following a very simple formula.
  •         If you take the RTP from a slot game, the excess will be the house edge. So, that 80% RTP means that the house has a 20% edge… simple!

So, is House Edge and RTP the same?

The two statistics work in conjunction with each other whereby less of one means more of the other. Less RTP, the more the house as an advantage (edge), and the other way round.

So, if you are a player who is keen on taking the best odds and wants the casino to suffer, for their cruel money-taking tactics, we suggest that you find games with the lowest house edge and highest RTP possible. Helpful hint: if the RTP is lower than 97%, it is one for the bin!

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