Household Chores: Ways To Make Doing Laundry More Efficient

Household Chores: Ways To Make Doing Laundry More Efficient

Laundry is one of many essential household chores that many of us would rather skip. However, the longer you put off doing laundry, the bigger that mountain of clothing, towels, and sheets becomes. Some of the best ways to make doing laundry more efficient include using divided hampers, keeping loads small, using deodorizers, and making a routine. Delve into our tips for making laundry feel like less of a chore.


Buy Divided Hampers

Dividing up dark, white, and colorful apparel can feel like a waste of time. However, you need to separate all clothing to prevent colors from bleeding. Likewise, delicate items should go in for a separate load from casual garments. Divided hampers make this simple: toss each item you wear into the appropriate hamper and wash the apparel as needed.


Additionally, you can use divided hampers to separate each household member’s clothes. If you have a baby or young child, you may have to clean their clothes more often. Kiddos are more likely to get dirty as they run around outside and play.


Keep Loads Small

Although it may sometimes be tempting, you should never throw a large heap of clothing into the machine. The hefty load decreases the likelihood of everything coming out clean. Most manufacturers recommend only filling the washer drum three-quarters of the way and evenly spreading out all garments.


Making loads too big can also damage the appliance. In fact, two of the top reasons a washing machine won’t spin occur when you overfill the device or have uneven loads. A broken machine makes laundry an even bigger chore, as you’ll need to track down the nearest laundromat.


Use Deodorizers

Sometimes, no matter how much soap you use, clothes still come out smelling bad—especially your workout apparel. Laundry soap won’t always cut it; rewashing everything wastes time and water. Instead, add a quarter or half cup of baking soda to the drum when you pour in the soap.


Pro Tip

One of the best everyday items you can make at home is an all-purpose cleaner! Use ingredients such as baking soda or vinegar to remove your body odors on clothes.


Create a Washing Schedule

Creating a routine is the final way to make doing laundry more efficient. Trying to wash everything in one day is anything but ideal when you dread doing laundry. Instead, establish days for when you’ll wash different items. You can clean your clothes on the weekends, but you could wash towels and sheets mid-week.


As you create a washing schedule, consider what works best for you and the rest of the household—you may need to take turns using the machine. With a routine that works, you’ll keep your clothes and linens always smelling fresh!

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