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How Apple Stays Ahead of the Wall Street Curve

How Apple Stays Ahead of the Wall Street Curve

No one business or trade is immune to the volatility of the ever-changing market. No matter what exchange you’re trading on, there are going to be times when stocks are high and times when stocks are low. There is no way to avoid that; however, some companies seem to find a way to stay on top even after devastating losses. 


Today, a focus on Apple is important because of the way they quite powerfully drive Wall Street trends. As a leader in the tech industry, Apple naturally has a metric ton of clout, and its activities are well worth analyzing. 

Three Cheers for the Technology Sector

Since the dawn of the tech boom, technology industries have undoubtedly ruled over most of Wall Street. Such an increasingly advanced sector is always changing the way people behave in the market, especially when it comes to buying and trading shares. 


In late 2019, Apple hosted a tech rally that actually witnessed a rise in Wall Street trends overnight. Apple CEO Tim Cook stated that stocks rose 2.3% after the release of the newest iPhone model last year. Because of the way Apple rallies excitement for new tech advancements and releases, analysts have been able to predict the way Wall Street can change. 

Indications of the U.S. Economy 

U.S. stocks get higher every time Apple turns the community on to a trend in technology. It’s important that all of Wall Street looks to industries with leaders like Apple to predict how the entire sector will thrive (or fail) over the next several months. 


Because of the recent Apple rally, the entire technology sector rose over 1%. While Apple shouldn’t take all of the credit for such an industrial victory, it is certainly at the forefront of all of these increases. 

Apple’s Current State

With all of those victories being reported at the end of 2019, how is the tech giant holding up amidst the virus crisis? Unsurprisingly, Apple is still reporting some pretty big earnings. Meanwhile, the federal government continues to cut interest rates in order to keep once-thriving companies from going under. You should also check out if things about Wall Street excites you and you’d one day like to work for an investment bank on Wall St. That website will cut your learning curve and guide you through the entire process of how to get a job in as little time as possible.


But it is uncertain whether this trend can continue to last for much longer. With the recent GM strike and the number of available jobs predicted to be under 100,000, Apple’s moves must be more careful than ever.

Not only are analysts and traders looking to Apple to see what the market will look like in the coming weeks, they are also trying to predict future trends. Apple has a real choice to make here – it can either contract with the plummeting market, or it can continue to advance, which would actually increase stock prices as a whole. 


The best way to predict trends and track the results of Apple’s efforts is by reading the ISM manufacturing report. This is one of the best tools available to help financiers understand what will continue to stand the test of time and trend upward despite whatever global pandemic we find ourselves in. 


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