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How Are Megaways Slots Different From Normal Slot Machines

How Are Megaways Slots Different From Normal Slot Machines 

When you reflect on the slots industry today, it is difficult to comprehend that the very first slot was a mechanical machine with just 3 reels and a handful of symbols. 1996 changed all that and it gave birth to the virtual video slot that added far more different types of symbols and more reels to the games.  Digital technology allowed for better bonus rounds and lots of special features that were introduced to liven up the base game of slots. 

Fast forward to the present and again slot games are undergoing a transformation and this is all down to a new form of video slot that has been named the Megaways slot. Megaways slots are the brainchild of Australian slot developers Big Time Gaming. Their innovation has torn up the slots rulebook and reinvented it with free spins at Wizard Slots

New Innovations 

Megaways slots differ to traditional slots in a number of ways. Firstly, most of the games are cascading in nature and they consist of a 6-reel platform, with an extra real sitting horizontally across the main reels. The symbols change in size and number and you can have anything from 2 to 7 symbols on each reel. This addition means that fixed paylines do not exist on a Megaways slot. In fact, they are always changing and some spins can have as many as 117,649 active paylines in play. Some Megaways slots expand the reels during the bonus round and this is when all the paylines come into action. Despite this innovation belonging to Big Time Gaming, they have sold the Megaways license to other slots developers. NetEnt has acquired Red Tiger and they now use Red Tiger and their Megaways license, to give NetEnt originals the Megaways treatment. 

Megaways VS Traditional Slots 

Traditional slots are most gamblers comfort zones. They have fixed paylines and set numbers of symbols on the reels. Therefore, Megaways slots will take some getting used to. Traditional slots are far easier to understand and play and are a great way of newcomers introducing themselves to the world of video slots.  Megaways slots do add another dimension to slots games and this appeals to those who have been spinning the reels regularly and have got a little tired of the familiar format. The obvious appeal of Megaways slots is the extra layer of unpredictability they bring to each spin. How many winning lines will be activated? How many symbols will land on each reel? These are just some of the questions that Megaways slots bring to the game. Another new addition is the 6th reel that many Megaways slots contain and then there is the extra reel across the top of the main game platform too. 

Final Thoughts 

Traditionalist may not be willing to buy into this Megaways slot craze and they will probably not enjoy seeing every classic slot being given a Megaways makeover. If you like the simplicity of slots then you may went to stick to the classics, as Megaways slots seem to be here to stay.

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