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How Do No Win No Fee Personal Injury Claims Work In Practice?

Have you recently had a slip and fall accident? Have you been a victim of medical malpractice? Regardless of the type of unfortunate incident you’ve been through, you are entitled to receiving financial compensation as long as it’s not your fault. 

Nevertheless, not many victims are able to pursue justice due to their limited budget. Although personal injury lawyers are infamous for being pricey, most of them ask no money in return for their services unless the claim is successful. 

Learn more about no fee no win agreements and the evidence you need in order to file a personal injury claim. 

Understand the concept of no win no fee agreements

A no win no fee agreement refers to the arrangement between individuals who’ve suffered an injury and personal injury lawyers. In the case of a fruitless claim, these legal representatives charge clients no money for providing their legal services. See this page to learn more about the advantages and limitations of contingent legal fees.

Moreover, the role of the solicitor is to ensure an insurance policy is obtained in the name of the client, which covers legal and other types of expenses throughout the procedure. A no win no fee claim can be filed only if the lawyer considers there’s enough evidence for the victim to receive compensation. 

Solicitors provide such assistance to individuals involved in road traffic, work, and military accidents, as well as people sustaining injuries abroad or at a public place. Also, people suffering from an industrial or asbestos-related disease are provided with no win no fee legal help. 

Gather evidence

As previously mentioned, a personal injury solicitor would be willing to file a no win no fee claim only when presented with sufficient evidence. Start by documenting the accident by writing all details you remember related to the unfortunate event, such as the time, weather, and location where you got injured. The actions of the defendant should be documented as well, particularly its reaction after the accident. 

Additionally, it’s important for victims to locate as many witnesses as possible who were nearby when the incident took place. The largest part of no win no fee solicitors would appreciate getting statements from at least a few witnesses along with their contact information. Their testimony may prove valuable should the case go to trial. 


Furthermore, photographing the area where the accident occurred is considered useful proof as long as the photos are taken immediately afterwards. Otherwise, the person responsible for the accident will most likely fix the scene so as to eliminate all evidence. More importantly, make sure you have your injuries documented, as these tend to fade over time. The case can take months before getting to trial until when visible evidence might not even be present for the jury to see. 

Finally, victims are expected to schedule a doctor’s consultation only hours after the accident. Waiting for your injury to become visible is the wrong decision to make, as doctors are capable of determining the cause without any bruising or bleeding. It’s paramount to obtain copies of the medical report and diagnosis, which are classified as valuable evidence. 

Hire a solicitor

After gathering a fair share of evidence, look for a no win no fee lawyer in your local area. Contact friends or family members who have used the services of such a solicitor in the past to get referrals. Then, schedule a free consultation with the solicitors you find most reputable so as to discuss the incident. 

These consultations are crucial in determining whether your case is strong enough for the personal injury lawyer to file a no win no fee claim. These professionals analyse the criminal record and medical history of plaintiffs, which affect the sympathy of juris. People with criminal records are less likely to win the sympathy of the jury regardless of the case. The permanence of the injury is also believed to affect the opinion of juries. The following link,, explains the responsibilities, skills, and required education of personal injury lawyers. 

Final word

A no fee no win solicitor can help you win the case. 

Never lose hope!


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