How Do You Keep Your Beauty Routine Rolling In Lockdown?

The world outside our windows can feel quite scary now. With every country taking preventative action to help stop the spread of Covid-19, it can feel like we’re living in a disaster movie. However, if there’s one thing the recent news has proved, it’s how adaptable people are. Already we’re seeing people develop their daily routines and their mental health coping strategies to get them through this unprecedented situation. And one unexpected area that the social distancing measures have affected is our beauty routines. When we’re no longer able to go to the salon for a few weeks, how can we adapt? What are the vital in salon treatments that work so well to keep us groomed and what can we do at home until we can book in again?


Home Hair Removal


Under normal circumstances, we all know that laser hair removal is a long-term hair growth reduction method that works really well. And while it might be a good idea to book in for a session in a few weeks, right now we’re left with home hair removal methods. A DIY waxing kit can be really effective at keeping those pins and other areas defuzzed and smooth. Even if you aren’t going out to show it off, keeping up your grooming efforts can make you feel a lot better in yourself.


Keeping Skin Smooth


There are lots of ways that you can take care of your skin while you’re in lockdown. Start by making sure that you drink enough water and continue to try and eat fresh fruit and vegetables to benefit from the antioxidants and skin-loving vitamins that you can absorb. Lockdown is not the time to switch to salty junk food and snacks all day! Secondly, try adding some glycolic acid to your routine in the form of an exfoliating toner. This keeps cell turnover high, encouraging the production of natural line-smoothing collagen and also helps other products to absorb better. There are also loads of DIY face mask recipes you can make at home using ingredients like bananas, avocados, aspirin and olive oil. So have a session going through the kitchen cupboards and see what you could make. 


Getting A Whiter Smile


Giving yourself a smile makeover at home can be an easy and cost effective way of improving your looks. Teeth whitening strips are very easy to use, or if you have more intense stains a home teeth whitening kit with a UV light can work wonders. If you prefer something a little more natural, baking soda can also give you a brighter, whiter smile. You can also achieve straighter teeth by using dental reshapers – order a kit to your home, take moulds which are sent back to the lab, and receive your braces in the post. 


Treating Your Hair Better


You can also makeover the condition of your hair at home. Once a week, use a deep conditioning hair mask to keep your tresses in a great way if you can’t get to the salon right now. It could also be a great time to learn how to do a home blow out with some easy online tutorials


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