How Do You Use a Luxury Watch?

How Do You Use a Luxury Watch?


Many of us like beautiful watches and even more luxury watches. It was created by the largest Swiss watchmaker in particular. Indeed, more than just a watch, they are usually real jewelry, great works for men. If you are on the verge of buying one, you certainly ask a lot of questions such as: How to choose your luxury watch, how to wear this type of jewelry when you are a man? On what occasions can we get it out of the box? How do you match your watch with your appearance or in general with your lifestyle?

Men’s and luxury watches: a practical guide

My watch is breitling chronomat 44, the only true gem a man can wear with his wedding ring. It’s biased, but I assume that the rest is excessive or even unpleasant (bracelets, necklaces, gourmets …). Because it’s important to know how to choose it and especially to use it properly.

How do you choose your luxury watch?

Of course wearing a luxury watch is not given to everyone. This says some men make the choice to tighten their belts at certain pleasures and invest in one or more watches. You should know that this type of purchase is also considered an investment, a kind of investment. Indeed, luxury watches maintain a significant price on time on the watch market. How to choose? The main question is about feeling and appetite for watchmakers, their style, history and knowledge. Then, the budget criteria are also important.

How much can a watch be considered “fancy”?

This is actually relatively subjective. I would say that from € 1,000 a watch can be considered a precious gem. Then, depending on your budget, you can buy all ignorance. Be careful though imitation fashion. I am thinking of a watch that is too flashy and which is a silly fashion accessory rather than good and elegant masculine jewelry (see footballers’ watches, for example).

Which luxury watch should I choose?

After you set a budget and set a watchmaker, it is recommended to choose a model: Chronograph, diver, pilot, vintage, classic, round, square, barrel, rectangle, quartz movement, automatic, mechanical, then color, casing materials and bracelets. … In short there are dozens of criteria that must be considered before making the final choice. Of course, this is not an easy task so this is my suggestion. Tell yourself that first impressions are always the right ones. Go to the model that works best for you. Try to draw in parallel between your character and the design of the watch, your lifestyle and the features of the watch. Regarding color, you should really think of a locker room before choosing your watch. What color do you use most often? What is the color of your shoes? Indeed, the watch is also chosen according to the style of dress.

When and how do you use a luxury watch?

It all depends on the style of watch I want to say. If you wear a thin steel watch, for example (casing + bracelet), you can combine it with many daily appearances and shows. With cons, with a leather strap it is difficult to wear sports clothes too visible. You can also match the color of your shoes with the color of the watch strap and even your belt. A large watch case of more than 48mm for example is to avoid with a tuxedo for example. It’s right, with clothes like this to wear a nice and elegant watch.

Can you wear your luxury watch every day?

In general, I like to vary pleasure. If we put the same gem every day we tend to be tired, you don’t find it? Ideally, you need to have several watches and change clothes regularly, especially depending on clothing and also depending on your activity and period.

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