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How does Social Media Impact Cosmetic Surgery Decisions? 

How does Social Media Impact Cosmetic Surgery Decisions? 


Social media is the new age platform for socializing. Platforms like Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat, and Youtube are prevalent among the masses. It opens up the horizons for individuals to share information with others. 


Many users like to put out their life stories on Instagram, post their selfies, and earn followers. This culture has led to an increased influence on people about their self-worth. Reportedly, social media may be driving users into plastic surgery. 


What is Plastic Surgery? 

In simple words, plastic surgery is the reconstruction or restoration of human body parts to enhance their appearance. Doctors may suggest this for medical purposes, such as restoring the area damaged because of burn injuries. Many people also consider reshaping their noses, filling their lips, or getting breast implants to feel more confident. 


Social Media and Cosmetic Surgeries

There has been a constant rise in plastic surgeries performed in the past few years. According to the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, there have been a minimum of 64000 more plastic surgeries every year between 13-and 19 years old. Similarly, they have seen a drastic increase of 3,65,000 cosmetic surgeries in the 30-39 age group. 


It ranges from breast augmentation to butt upliftment and more. Social media has a substantial impact on how people view themselves. They like to modify and enhance their looks to gain self-confidence and practice self-love.  


In addition, this has been discussed in an interview on eyelid surgery by Dr. Anthony Corrado about how blepharoplasty helps reduce puffiness in the eyes. Both men and women are considering this therapy to improve the look of their eyes. 


Surgeons worldwide agree that social media has boosted the cosmetic surgery business manifold. They believe that social media has brought in a massive wave of self-love. Thus, people decide to undergo surgeries to feel better about themselves. 


Celebrities and Plastic Surgeries

There was a storing stigma attached to plastic surgeries back in the time. But gradually, celebrities started to embrace cosmetic procedures for bettering their looks. In recent times, acceptance leads to miracles. Therefore, stars have been coming out upfront about getting under the knife for improving their appearance. Some of the most famous names among these celebrities are: 


  • Lisa Kudrow: The ‘Friends’ actress received a nose job in her teens to enhance her looks. Reportedly, it worked wonders for her. 
  • Christine Brinkley: She decided to go for ultherapy to tighten skin tissues around her neck. It is an ultrasound-based technology to uplift the skin and reduce sagging skin and wrinkles. 
  • Jillian Wright: At the age of 26, she chose to undergo rhinoplasty to reshape her nose. She has accepted that it has helped her enhance her confidence. 


Several other celebrities globally receive plastic surgery to enhance their appearance. They share this information on social media platforms, thus, directly making it clear that there is no harm in undergoing surgeries for self-love. 


They act as idols for many worldwide, so people take inspiration from them and pick plastic surgery as a means to show self-love. If you’re planning to get some plastic surgery, first consult your doctor to understand the procedure, risks, and complications according to your health. 

It is worth noting that aside from plastic surgery, cosmetic dentistry is another option to enhance your physical appearance in a more subtle way. However, like any surgery, you should get trustworthy doctors (such as this professional dentist in denison) to make sure that you’re getting your money’s worth.


Wrapping Up

Social media plays a vital role in the decision-making of ordinary people. While some get inspired by their idols, others may do it to look like somebody else. From food eating habits to self-care, there is nothing that social media does not impact. Cosmetic surgery is just another industry experiencing a boost from social media influence. 


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