How Keeping the Attic Well Ventilated Makes Your Home Energy-efficient

The house — whatever style or layout it has — must be well heated during winter and must be properly cooled during summer. This is why homeowners need to prioritize the heating and cooling aspect of their home’s spaces. This is because it accounts for a big chunk of their household’s monthly energy expenses. If you want to save and lessen the burden on your bills, then better take action now. 

There are several techniques you can use to reduce your home’s heating and cooling bills. These can range from doing air duct repair to switching to more energy-efficient devices. However, one important area that homeowners must seriously consider is the attic’s ventilation and insulation.

Why Your Home Loses Heat

Any home can lose heat easily due to several factors. It could be due to a wrong heater size, a leak in the system ducts, a hole in the exterior wall, or poor insulation. Most of the time, heat loss in the roof and attic are the biggest factors to look into. Other heat loss goes through the windows, floors, walls, and doors. This why it is important to have your home assessed for home heating repair by expert service providers in Salt Lake City.

Attic Insulation Affects Home Heating and Cooling

A properly insulated home allows homeowners to enjoy specific benefits, such as up to 40% reduction in energy bills as well as a significant reduction in heating and cooling costs.

Apart from the mentioned cost-saving benefits, homes with proper insulation also have minimal effects of radiant heat. This means that during the hot summer months, the home’s baseline temperature will stay considerably lower. This will then enable your air conditioning system to work more efficiently, and will not hoard more electricity to keep your temperature at a suitable level.

During winter months, proper attic insulation helps prevent the cold draft from seeping inside your home. This will help your furnace maintain your home heating easily and will not work hard to keep it that way.

Attic Insulation and A Healthier Home

Aside from energy efficiency, proper attic insulation helps prevent bacteria and molds from entering and staying inside the house. These can cause various health conditions, such as allergies, asthma, common cold, and skin rashes. Microorganisms thrive on heat and moisture, but with proper insulation, they can be eliminated. They will have fewer places to thrive and the air will be cleaner, thus minimizing adverse health risks.

Attic insulation, as well as insulation issues for different parts of the home, is not your typical DIY project. While some people try to do things on their own, these must be entrusted to professionals who are skilled and knowledgeable in the application of different types of insulation.

Skilled professionals can do the job right and achieve the best results on their first try. When you call on the heating and cooling experts, they know exactly how to assess your home’s needs, what areas needs better insulation, and the kind of insulation that it needs.

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