How to Accept Credit Card Payments with WPForms


How to Accept Credit Card Payments with WPForms

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Blogging is hard work, we all know that. If it was easy I feel that everyone would have one and while it does seem that we are inundated with bloggers on a daily basis this is still something I treasure as being a unique hobby/business. There are times though when I just want to simplify things and take an easier way for doing things especially for accepting credit card payments when the need arises.

My husband owns a fishing lure business and I do some networking with quite a few people for him. I also take payments and it is often a pain to have people call us with payment information and honestly a lot of times people just do not feel comfortable doing that. With WPForms I can easily just create a new form and let the world of technology take over from there.


How do we do that though? It is quite simple!

First you would want to get the WPForms plugin for WordPress. Now yes there is a cost for this, but the price of pushing the easy button is usually worth it to me.


Now what I love is that WPForms allows us to use Stripe a company that I am already familiar with. You just add the Stripe addon in WPForms.


You are almost set at this point. You simply just add a new form. With this easy to use platform you can even take website donations which is nice especially for those of us who often struggle to receive ad revenue or do not want to clog our sites with horrendous ads that take up user space and honestly just give us a headache anyway.


You can fully customize the form fields which makes things really nice and personal for whatever type of payments you are taking. You can have single items or multiple which is great for the fishing lure business.

Last but not least you can add in the credit card fields to collect all of the most important information that you need.


Finally you can configure the payment to accept Stripe or even PayPal.


I love that you can tailor this to take single payments or recurring ones which is awesome because sometimes we do recurring mystery boxes with our customers and it saves time not only for us but for the customer as well.


What are you waiting for? If you have a website that needs to accept payments this plugin is a no-brainer. Make things simple so that you have more time to focus on your actual business.

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