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How to be wine-ready for any occasion at home

How to be wine-ready for any occasion at home


There’ll come a time when you’d have a spontaneous need of wine at home, but you’re completely short of it. For example, some significant friends drop by at your home, and you’d love to entertain them with a cool red glass. But, what if you aren’t prepared for it?

So, it makes sense to be always ready for any occasion, be it weekday dinners, friends dropping by, or special events.

Then, you’d never have to rush to the grocery store to stock up. But how do you know what kind of drinks to get if you don’t know for what occasion they may be needed? 

Get a wine case

According to experts, you should have at least one case (which contains 12 bottles) and have it stocked with a variety.

For starters, you will likely get a sizable discount on buying the 12 bottles at once. You could also join a monthly wine club so you can have drinks tailored to your preferences delivered to your home periodically. Then you wouldn’t need to go to the grocery store to stock up from time to time.

Now, the following is an expert guide on the perfect selection for your at-home winery.

3 bottles of regular red

Is it a friends’ get-together, a romantic dinner, or steak time? Or do you just want the taste of fresh vintage? A glass of everyday red never disappoints.

It’s great to always have at least three different red wine brands at home as they’re perfect for any occasion and get consumed quickly. Think La Carraia Sangiovese Umbria and Casaeda Cabernet Sauvignon. It all sounds perfect, right?

3 bottles of regular white

Like the red, an everyday white is one you can just open without thinking. They’re perfect after a long day at work. You sure will be running to your Chardonnay or Sauvignon Blanc whenever you feel the stress pecking at your joints. 

2 bottles for special occasions

Of course, you want to reserve some higher-end bottles for special occasions, like a dinner party. Consider getting one expensive white and one expensive red.

Think Château Bourgneuf and Joseph Drouhin Côte de Beaune Blanc (about $60 each). 

A bottle of everyday sparkling

Bubbles! Oh, the bubbles! With its rich grape juice and carbon-dioxide content, making it fizzy, sparkling is a must-have for every wine case.

Sparkling can be red, rose, or white; whatever the color, they just make life better.

 A bottle of expensive sparkling

Need a high-end sparkling for special occasions? This is when to start thinking of Champagne. Treat your distinguished guests to a pricey vintage without having to run to the grocery store when they arrive.

A bottle of sweet

A good dessert — or sweet — wine is just perfect if you need something that can age gracefully. However, you shouldn’t drink it too often due to its high sugar content.

Finish off with a bottle of good Rosé

For that friend who just loves rosé, you want to be prepared. Rosé is also perfect for split roasts and other barbeque treats. A great bottle for the summer!

All you’ve to do is go to a top producer to ensure that your friend reveres your tastes.

Bottom line

By having a well-curated wine case, you’ll have the right bottle for every occasion, whenever you need one. Whether you’re buying in bulk or subscribing to a monthly wine club, prove your taste to your friends by having something for them whenever they drop by.

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