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How to Choose the Best Electronic Hookah

Electronic hookahs are gaining popularity in recent times as a way of delivering inhaled doses of nicotine and sometimes non-nicotine vapor through a solution that is contained in a cartridge inside of the device. They are also called e-hookars, e-shisha, and e-pens. The main difference between e-hookahs and e-cigs is that e-hookahs emit thicker clouds and more flavorful clouds of vapor, thus offering a distinctly different experience than that of e-cigs.

For those who want to quit cigarette smoking or just wish to enjoy a wide range of vape flavours, especially sans nicotine, then an e-hookah could be a good option. Here are some of the factors that one should consider when selecting an e-hookah:

Design, size, and battery life

In the booming market for e-hookahs, it is no surprise that the e-hookahs come in a wide range of sizes and designs, so go for one that matches your taste. The critical thing is to decide on what is of greatest importance to you when it comes to the device. Assuming you buy an e-hookah with a small battery, then you will need to recharge it frequently. They use disposable batteries or rechargeable lithium-ion batteries similar to those used in laptop computers. If then the e-hookah is for heavier usage, then it is advisable to buy one with a bigger battery that has a long standby time to allow you to puff to your satisfaction without having to recharge or change them. You can count on ePuffer and other reliable vendors of vaping supplies to get an e-hookah that meets your needs.

Flavour offerings

Among the biggest advantages of e-hookahs is the wide variety of flavours that you can choose from. You need to get a unit form a manufacturer who offers a variety of flavors, especially those that you enjoy or look forward to trying. Ensure that the manufacturer whose products you will buy have products that will give you the satisfaction that you are seeking and will excite your taste buds and stimulate your imagination.

Type of atomizer tank

E-hookahs have an atomizer tank that holds and vaporizes e-liquid to give you the vapour that you inhale. The atomizer tanks can be either made of plastic or Pyrex glass. Some users say that Pyrex glass atomizer tanks do an excellent job in preserving the flavour of the vape juice, which can be a crucial factor if the user is using the e-hookah for flavour purposes rather than to get their nicotine dose. However, Pyrex glass e-hookahs are more costly.


Some e-hookahs are small and lightweight, making them easy to use and carry around. You need to choose the device that fits your use, like a light and small device if you want to travel with it.

Aesthetic qualities

You need to consider aesthetic or beauty qualities like the color, the incorporation of rubber in the unit, and any other qualities that you want. The device may have steel parts that may be too harsh for your style. Buy the e-hookah that matches the aesthetic qualities that appeal to you.


While buying an e-hookah, you need also to consider your budget since they go for a wide range of prices from about $40 up to higher prices like $100-$200.The lower-end devices come with plastic parts, low battery capacity, and are easy to refill and use. High-end units come with Pyrex glass atomizer tanks, higher capacity batteries, and metal parts. The most sophisticated units come even with advanced functions like a digital display that allows easy change of settings besides the glass tank and metal components. You need to buy the e-hookah that matches your needs and is within your budget, but always ensure it has a guarantee of at least 30 days.

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