How To Clean An Electric Smoker Perfectly

How To Clean An Electric Smoker Perfectly


“How To Clean An Electric Smoker”


Most of the electric smoker owners don’t know how to clean their gadget perfectly. And this is most common when you buy a new electric smoker. Actually, the electric smoker deals with the excess build up of grease, oil, food particles, and carbon on the cooking racks. Due to this, the performance of the device is influenced and goes down. But don’t worry as cleaning the electric smoker is no rocket science at all. It is very simple and will come in practice once you get used to it. In this article, we will be talking about those steps and processes.

Steps to Clean your electric smoker perfectly


#Remove The Ash:-

To clean your electric smoker, the first thing you need to do is remove the ash from the smoke box. You just need to pull out the ash collection tray and enjoy the ash into the trash. Make sure you won’t hurt yourself with the hot ash. Also, hot ash may burn the combustible bin, so it is recommended to use a non-combustible bin. Now, clean and wipe out the ash collection tray with the help of the damp cloth.


#Clean The Cooking Racks:-

It’s time to remove the cooking racks and clean them with warm soapy water. Make sure you only use warm water rather than any chemicals substances. However, if the racks are very dirty or complexed, then you can even soak them for 30-50 minutes. After doing this, let the tray to get dry. It is recommended to wipe the surface with a cloth dipped with little oil to prevent it from getting rust.


#Clean The Main Smoker Cooking Chamber:-

After cleaning the ashtray and cooking racks, now it’s time to clean up the empty smoking chamber. Again we would alert you; please make sure that the chamber is completely cool before beginning the cleaning process.

Take a soft brush and wipe off any solid residue out of the chamber. Moreover, you can even place a sheet under the chamber for collecting residues. After removing particles from the chamber, wipe off and scrub the chamber with the help of warm soapy water. If still the chamber remains dirty, then use a sponge to clean the interior. And once it gets clean, dry out the chamber completely with a newspaper or paper napkin. Make sure you don’t leave any paper or solid thing in the chamber.


#Clean The Outside Of Electric Smoker:-

Once you’ve cleaned all the interior parts of the smoker, you’re almost done with the cleaning process. Cleaning the exterior of smoker is the simplest step and can be done easily. One important thing, if you’re not using the smoker, then it is recommended to keep it under the shed of any cloth or cover. Because the gadget might come in contact with dust particles or moisture present in the air.

To clean the exterior of the smoker, take a cloth dipped under warm soapy water and wipe the surface completely. Simultaneously, clean the window glass of the smoker by the same damp cloth. Apart from this, you can even use the cleaners specially designed for clean glass surfaces.


#Reassemble All The Parts:-

Here you’re done with the entire cleaning process, and it’s time to use it again. To do so, attach the cooking racks and ashtray back at their place. Once you’ve fixed all the components, you can use it again to enjoy delicious meals.

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