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How to Create a Spa at Home During Lockdown

How to Create a Spa at Home During Lockdown

Indulging in a massage or facial at your favorite spa simply isn’t an option during lockdown. But why drive far and spend lots of money on a spa treatment anyway? With the right tools and approach, you can craft your own spa experience right at home.

Check out these six wellness-minded ways to create an at-home spa during lockdown:

Self-soothe with the right tools: You deserve to treat your whole self: mind, body, and spirit. Invest in tools that offer you comfort, relaxation, and release at home, especially during lockdown. Sink into deep relaxation with a luxury massage chair. Quality massage chairs are like having a chiropractor, professional masseuse, and trained meditation instructor at home, on-demand! And don’t forget rejuvenating face masks, dry brushes, and home pedi treatments.

Upgrade bathtime: Don’t just draw a bath and get in – make yours extra special with a few quick steps that foster the perfect at-home spa environment. Add a few drops of your favorite essential oil to the warm water and fill your bathroom with pleasing scents; put in bubble bath or a bath bomb for an energizing addition; or light candles throughout the room that offer soft ambient lighting. Toss your best bath towels into the dryer for a few minutes so that they’ll be wonderfully fluffy and warm once you emerge from your bubble bath.


Add aromatherapy: Aromatherapy’s proven benefits range from stress reduction and relaxation to pain relief and even improved sleep quality. Infuse the therapeutic benefits of the scents and smells you find at a spa into your own home and rediscover relaxation during lockdown. Aromatherapy doesn’t have to be expensive – engage your senses with simple items like scented candles, incense, aroma diffusers, wax warmers, or essential oils.


Eat clean and green: The best part of dining at the spa after a warm soak or a massage is the nutritious, healthy food you get at the cafe. Incorporate this same approach to clean eating in your home with healthy snacks that keep your energy levels up, your skin bright and fresh, and your body feeling great. After taking your bubble bath or relaxing into your massage chair, blend up a refreshing fruit smoothie, craft a rainbow acai bowl, or make a quinoa power salad: the health-food options are limitless.


Listen to music: Lockdown is draining, especially with the constant news alerts, Zoom meetings, phone notifications buzzing, and the monotonous sense of sameness every day. The right music can both lighten your mood and induce calming stress relief. Use Spotify, Pandora, Apple Music, or YouTube to stream peaceful playlists, meditative rhythms, or even tried and true spa music. (Try searching terms like “sound bath,” “spa music,” “relaxing music,” and “music for meditation” to find the perfect spa playlist.)

Practice yoga nidra: Imagine an exercise that specifically requires not moving at all. Also known as sleep yoga or dream yoga, yoga nidra is not your traditional moving-and-stretching based yoga. Instead, yoga nidra is a branch of yoga that promotes deep relaxation by quieting the mind into a near-sleep state. Practice this mind-body therapy for 35 – 45 minutes during your at-home spa day and discover a newfound sense of joy and wellbeing.

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