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How to Create Your Own Home Office


How to Create Your Own Home Office

Many people that own their own small business’s find themselves trying to save the cash and work from home.   Doing this can assist with a lot of costs. What you would have spent on things like office rent, electricity, cleaning etc could all be saved.   Not only do business owners sometimes decide to do this but many employees feel the need to have a home office. Completing work from home in today’s modern world is pretty common and the office environment in which to do so from your home assists.  There are many different types of offices that you could create and here are some suggestions.

Garage Conversion

Sometimes a garage is a wasted space and ends up being filled up with junk.   It is very rare you actually see people using their garage to park their car.  This is an ideal solution for a home office as it is just away from the family home but clearly close enough.  Converting the garage to a home office generally would not be costly as most garages have things like electricity already connected.  Internally you would require to consider things like potential dampness to ensure that there is insolation and good air flow.   Most garages are very spacious therefore you can personalise the office as much as you want.  One downside to this would be access to a toilet / kitchen. As most garages don’t have an access door to the home, you could either build one (if connected to the main home) or you would require to go outside in order to then get access to a bathroom or kitchen.

Build an Office from Scratch

If you don’t have a garage or you actually already use it, you may wish to consider building an office as an annex to your property.  Doing this would require a lot of thought and dedication however it is as costly as one may imagine. You can use companies such as Armstrong Steel to price this up and do the job for you.  These types of companies will do it all for you and make this as much hassle free as possible. Armstrong actually have an online tool that you can utilse to price up the building based on your specifications which may be useful, which can be seen on

Before embarking on this journey you will need to understand if things like planning permission is required as if so this could be rejected by the authorities.   If you do go ahead and do this then you should add a lot of value to the price of your home. An extra building is clearly an asset as when you are selling on, this will be an attraction that most other homes do not have.

Convert a Bedroom

If the children have moved out of the family home and you have a spare bedroom or two that don’t get used then why not consider to convert one of these?   This is probably one of the most common ways to create a home office as generally bedrooms are quite spacious and more than enough space for you to insert a computer, chair, cabinet etc.

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