How to dress up for a first date; A brief guide for women


How to dress up for a first date; A brief guide for women


As a woman, we know how mentally taxing it can get to decide on what to wear for a first date with someone. You want to look your best and you don’t want to make any mistakes with your attire. There are several points that you have to look out for when you are facing such a situation. It’s essential to get a good first impression. It would be nice to have a small checklist and some useful advice at hand to help you through this. Well, we got your back on this one. Let’s go through some helpful tips on this topic.


Keep it simple

Not asking you to give up on what you think looks best on you but it will only be thoughtful to not overdo anything on your first date. Your choice of dress or any outfit might be showing a little too much skin for a first time meet-up. Maintaining a little bit of modesty just this once will do wonders for you. An elegant pastel-colored dress will radiate a sense of approachability. A simple get up will always give you a wise and mature effect which is much desired on first dates.


Fresh clothes only

You will generally be advised to take it easy and be yourself on a first date. It is very good advice which helps break the ice with the other person but that really does not mean that you compromise on your attire. Strictly restrain from wearing clothes that you have already worn without washing and ironing. Clothes develop uncanny creases and stains over time which give a rather negative first impression. So wearing freshly washed and ironed clothes is pretty much necessary.


Keep the venue in mind

It is vital that you know where exactly your date will be as it will be the deciding factor on what type of clothes you would be wearing. If the venue is a formal one like a fine dining restaurant then you would look out of place in casual attire. For a fine dine fashion experts at JustFab suggest nothing less than a nice elegant dress paired up with smart stilettos or wedges. There are also other combinations for other types of venues and you can visit here to get access to a few more popular combinations. Being underdressed or overdressed at a venue for a first date will be nothing short of a nightmare if you aren’t careful about it.


Go easy on the makeup

With so many influencers taking to the internet to teach about new and creative makeup tricks, it can very easily lead you to overdo on your makeup on your first date with someone. Overloading on makeup can give you a mixed bag of reactions. The study surprisingly shows that most men do not enjoy noticing prominent makeup on women. So keep the make-up game on the down low and let your natural beauty do the work.


First date experiences can really be a strain on the mind if you do not find the right guidance. Messing up your first impression can be devastating. Follow the aforementioned principles to help you guide gracefully through it. 

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