How To Fix a Dent in a Car at Home Yourself

How To Fix a Dent in a Car at Home Yourself

Whether your child came home from school with a dent in their car or you stepped out in the grocery parking lot to a suspicious dent shaped like a shopping cart, dents often come as a surprise to car owners. But you don’t always have to call a professional for your car troubles. In fact, you can fix a dent in a car at home. We’ve listed a few smart ways to do that below.

The Plunger Method

One method that many swear by is using a plunger. When applied with the right force, the negative pressure created will form a suction on the metal that should revert the dented part to its original shape. The rubber will protect all sides of the dent without further damaging the vehicle.

The Hammer Method

If you know how to get inside your vehicle’s body and remove the affected part, then doing so may be the best way to fix the dent. However, you can try hammering away at it while the part is still on the frame. Hammering away at a dent isn’t the best method, but it is one of the oldest, and it has a relatively high success rate.

The Heat Method (for Bumpers)

Because bumpers consist solely of plastic, they are malleable under certain conditions. You’ll have to be careful, though, because they tend to snap when in cooler temperatures, so if you’re attempting to fix any dents this way, you’ll want to apply consistent heat to bend the part back into shape. Only let it cool down when you’re ready to solidify its form. Then, you’re back on the road again.

If All Else Fails, Call the Pros

So, you’ve tried all these measures, and none work. Or you’re afraid of messing something up, so you go straight to the professionals. When you seek professional maintenance services, you’re in good hands. Honestly, this is a solid choice, if not the best one. A paintless dent repair is a great option that doesn’t cost as much as you may expect.

The next time you see a dent in your car, there won’t be a need to panic. With these ways to fix a dent in a car at home, you’ll have your car looking new in no time.

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