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How To Get Back On Your Feet After A Life-Changing Moment

Life throws curveballs at absolutely everyone. That’s the one constant we can bet all our money on – that things will change, and the unexpected will happen. Perhaps one day you’ll win the lottery, or your pet will do something so hilarious on camera you become an instant internet sensation, or your kid will cure cancer. Sometimes, though, life’s curveballs can be rough. Accidents happen, illnesses come along out of the blue, and these are challenging for families and individuals alike. Getting through these times takes courage, determination, love, and perseverance – but it’s always possible, and when these rough times come around, it reminds us all to appreciate all we have in our lives. There are some simple ways to soothe your soul in turbulent times.

Taking it one day at a time


When something devastating happens, it feels impossible to imagine your life in the future – a normal life, the one you lived before. Someone involved in a car accident might have never thought about spending the rest of their life using hearing aids, or in physical therapy, for example. In these instances, the advice from psychologists is to take it one day at a time. Being overwhelmed by the days ahead forces you to lose focus on the present moment, whereas calmly taking things day by day can ease your anxieties about the future. 


Speaking your truth


It’s an age-old piece of advice, but that’s because it’s worthwhile: talk things out. Keeping your fear, anxiety, or sadness bottled up is a recipe for disaster. Having a friend to lean on, or perhaps a support group or personal therapist can make all the difference when something scary comes around. Although we feel alone in times of hardship, it’s a guarantee that there are others out there who can empathize with your experiences. It’s not anything to be ashamed of, and getting things off your chest can be the first step on the road to recovery. 


Plus, there are many different avenues to go down in the modern world. Many different types of therapy exist, whether in a group or one on one, and science and psychology have never been better equipped to help you in your struggles. 

Welcoming the change


After a life-altering experience, such as a severe illness or the end of a long relationship, life will feel different. There’s always a part of us that wants to return to the normality of “before,” but of course, that’s no longer possible. Life will be different now, and it’s time to embrace it. Allowing yourself to thrive in your new reality can only bring positive things. Trying a brand new activity can help this process; you’ll feel like you’re slipping into a new skin, embracing something fresh. 


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