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How to Get Free Food at Restaurants

How to Get Free Food at Restaurants


Often when we visit restaurants such as fast food joints we see the printing on the back of the receipts but what is it? Often there are simple instructions on how to get free food for either going to a website such as TalktoBo or calling a phone number and answering a few questions about your visit and then you get something in return.  Personally I find that the reward is definitely worth the few minutes answering the questions and often I get to give me opinions about things that happened during our trip or how a place can improve on services.

There are also apps where you can download and often get a gift upon download. Recently we (family of 4) dined at Chick-fil-A for just a few dollars because we saved rewards on the app and also had some coupons from a consumer panel that I was a part of. I am sure you all remember the Chick-fil-A Mom panel that I was a member of. It was a great experience and the perks for being a member included coupons from time to time. The ones we didn’t gift to people were used to score a great lunch/snack on the go.

I also love the ability to add my email to a list at places such as Ruby Tuesday to get a free appetizer or other discount just because I agreed to get an email to let me know about other specials. I use another email address for just those types of deals and find that in return not only do we get the initial freebie or discount but we also get other announcements where we save at other times as well.

Frequent visitor cards are a bonus as well. We have a great local coffee shop who has a punch card. For every few coffee visits that I make I can get a free coffee. Who doesn’t love free coffee?! I find that I like to visit on their “double punch” days to get more bang for my buck and it makes for a nice little afternoon outing for me and my husband who happens to enjoy a great hand crafted mocha.

Let us not forget the birthday freebies: There are 24 chain restaurants that will give you something for free on your birthday including burgers, dessert and everything in between.


So there you have it– several ways to get some free eats in a time when people are struggling and looking for ways to cut corners and still enjoy dining out.

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