How to get the Best Contact Lenses Online

How to Get the Best Contact Lenses Online

Wearing contact lenses in place of glasses gives you a sense of freedom. Some claim that it makes you feel more satisfied about the way you look. And, unlike glasses, there’s no need for you to feel worried about it breaking or falling out. But for those who are using contacts for the first time, this might feel a little bit frightening.

You may be worrying about the maintenance or how long you should use it. Although you may be excited to start using contact lenses, switching to them may be scary for you. So here are tips on getting the best contact lenses and how to care for them.

Prescriptions for Contact Lenses Differ

Having a prescription for glasses doesn’t mean you can also use it to get contacts. You need a completely different prescription. This is because glasses are kept a distance away from your eyes while contact lenses stay directly on your eye.

Go for Eye Exams

Professionals advise you to have eye exams at least once a year. This being to make sure that your prescription is accurate. Since your eye health might have changed, it is unsafe to buy contacts with an old prescription.

Maintain the Brand that Was Prescribed for You  

While it may be acceptable for you to use a different brand in a particular situation, brands are different. Some may have different shapes and water content, so it is best to use the brand chosen for you by your eye care expert. 

Check the Prescription for Your Contacts

The prescription should normally provide you with information like diameter, curvature, and brand name for your contacts. If the contact lenses aren’t given by your eye specialist, it is crucial that whoever does this gives you the accurate kind for your prescription.

Always double check to make sure the contact lenses’ details are just as have been prescribed for you. If you notice something wrong about the contacts notify either your eye doctor or the person you bought it from.

Find out the Retailer’s Reputation

Before purchasing contact lenses online, conduct some research. Check out customer reviews and see whether people have too many complaints about the seller. Get your contacts from a store you know you can trust so you don’t run into problems.

Shop on Multiple Sites

Prices for a particular brand differ among sellers, so it can save you some money to shop on their sites to find out which one is the most affordable. Also look for deals and coupon codes that can reduce the price. 

Be Cautious Of Eye Exams Online 

There is a high possibility that online eye exams will not give you the right prescription. And they also cannot diagnose any eye problems which you may have. So it is best to go to an eye doctor to check in person. If you want to see more reasons why you should beware of online eye exams, click here.

Tips for People Wearing Contact Lens for the First Time  


How to wear your contacts

This may be something you don’t really know how to do. How are you actually suppose to put these things on? To begin, start by washing your hands. Put the contact lens on the tip of your finger making sure that it is shaped like a cup.

Using your thumb and finger, hold your upper and lower eyelid to avoid blinking. Look upward so that you aren’t looking at the lens directly. Carefully place it on your eye. Remove your hand from your eyelids then close them. Do the same with the other eye.

Remember to clean them 

You can clean the contact lenses using contact solution or saline solution. Contact solution is used to hydrate and disinfect your contacts. Store them in this whenever you don’t have them on. On the other hand, saline solution (saltwater solution) is used to clean the contact lens before putting them on. This solution is different from contact solution, because of this; they should not be kept in it.


It’s normal for a first timer to feel a bit scared to put in their contacts. Questions may arise such as will it get stuck? Or what if it hurts? But just calm down; they can’t get stuck in your eyes. And if you notice any damage, just get another. As time goes on, you will feel less anxious putting them on.

Stick with the replacement schedules

To make sure that your lenses work well, be sure to always follow the prescription that was given to you. Don’t go to bed wearing and don’t leave them on longer than your doctor has told you to. Contacts that you can wear repeatedly are the kind you can go to bed wearing. However, notify your doctor before attempting this.

Replace your contacts when you were told to. Wearing them for several more days can result in problems or eye damage.

Follow the recommendations of your doctor

Before getting any saline or contact solution, inform your optometrist. Particular products produce better results on certain contact lenses. The ads for some products may be compelling, but not every product may work for your kind of lens.

Make sure your contacts are hydrated

The major trick to ensure comfortable lenses is to always make sure they are hydrated. Dry contacts can be very itchy and uncomfortable. Although you may always keep them hydrated, they can also dry out when you use your eyes a lot more than you normally do.

Inspect your contacts by yourself

Check yourself every day asking the following questions: How do these lenses feel? Using your experience, you can tell whether you should keep on using contacts or not. Can I see well? The very point of wearing lenses is to help you see well. If it isn’t doing that, something isn’t where it’s meant to be.

Having seen the tips shared above, you can visit Misaki Contact Lenses to learn more about getting yours.


Even though it may seem scary to switch to contact lenses, once you keep wearing them you will soon relax. For you first time wearers, follow the tips here. If anything seems to be wrong, talk to your doctor says and you’ll be fine.

Samantha hails from Virginia and is a proud wife to a retired Deputy Sheriff and mother to two amazing little boys named Jack & William. A veteran product reviewer; Samantha has been reviewing products for 12 years and offers high quality product reviews with original photography.

Samantha hails from Virginia and is a proud wife to a retired Deputy Sheriff and mother to two amazing little boys named Jack & William. A veteran product reviewer; Samantha has been reviewing products for 12 years and offers high quality product reviews with original photography.

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