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How to Make Your Baby-Shower Planning Easier and Budget-Friendly

How to Make Your Baby-Shower Planning Easier and Budget-Friendly



Whether you’re planning your baby shower alone or with your friends or family, keeping it easy and budget-friendly is no doubt at the top of your list. Every woman is different when it comes to pregnancies, and it is important to put yourself first for planning in order to ensure you, along with your guests, have an enjoyable time.


With some foresight, your baby shower can be a smooth event from the time you send invitations to when the last guest leaves. In order to make this dream a reality, remember the acronym GO. In just two simple steps, you can make sure your baby shower is easy and budget-conscious without taking away from the joy of the time.


Here’s how it works.


Get Ready, Get Set, Go!


G: Get a head start. The key to keeping it easy is to not rush through things at the last minute. This also helps you stay on budget. Regardless of when in your pregnancy you choose to have a baby shower, you’ll have a few months to get things together. Don’t waste time!


Here are some things you can work on well in advance of the actual date.


  • Choose a theme. Themes help keep everything on track and add excitement to the event. You can showcase your creativity and play with gender-specific things such as baby shower themes for boys (think sports, trucks, and the color blue) or go gender neutral with carnival themes, a zoo, or international travel.


  • Set a budget. You may have all the money in the world, but you should still set a budget. Budgeting is not a bad thing, and while it doesn’t have to necessarily be a full-blown spreadsheet with line items, you should still set soft limits in mind for different things, such as food, decorations, and gifts.

To save the budget, you can made some custom made pins in angel pattern with your child’s name or that date on them. Then, hand out the pins to the guests when they arrive to wear on the lapels or clothes, which can not only be worked as unique gifts but also bring the forever memory of the happy moment.


  • Get inspired. Once you set a theme and have some general costs in mind, have fun browsing. If you’re going to make things yourself, make sure to give yourself double the time that you need. Creating decorations yourself can be quite rewarding (and a good money saver), but you need to put time in to get good results! For DIY ideas, check out sites like Pinterest.


  • Choose a venue. Figure out if you’re going to be hosting at home, outside, renting a place, etc. This may tie in with your theme and play into the invitation cards used. Try to find a place that will be easy to set up.


O: Organize, organize, organize. As time draws near, you’ll be thankful for taking the time to keep things on track. Use whatever works for you—maybe a Google calendar, sticky notes on a prominent wall in the baby’s room, a wipe-off board you can check things off as you finish them.


Things to keep organized are the following:


  • Catering/Food: Make sure you know the deadline for the cake order, what time it will be ready, and who is picking it up.
  • Games and Prizes: A great thing to pass off to a family member or friend who may be helping!
  • Helpers: Make sure to keep track of family or friends who are helping and what time(s) they will be available so you don’t waste time figuring out what they are going to be helping with.
  • Guest List: Make sure to keep your guest list clean so you know how many people are coming. (Note: This is another great thing to pass off to a family member or friend who may be helping you!)
  • Venue and Decorations: This is one of the most important pieces especially if you are making some of your own decorations. Make sure you know what is finished and when so that you’re not missing anything when the big day comes!


Keep Calm and Party On


Your baby shower is and should remain a fun, beautiful memory for you as a mom-to-be, no matter if this baby is your first or your fifth. Try to avoid taking on too much responsibility as the day draws near. The earlier you start, the easier it will be when the time comes to celebrate.


It is not a bad idea to have a friend or family member help you out with this in order to take some of the stress away and keep things easy for you. Coordinate with them so that, when the time comes, you can sit back and be the queen you were meant to be!

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