How To Make Your Car Last Longer

A car is one of the biggest investments you can have after a house purchase. After investing in a car, you aren’t in a rush to buy a new one, and want to make your car last as long as possible. Vehicle maintenance is an important part of your car’s upkeep, so here’s some advice on how to make your car last longer into 2022 and beyond.

Get Decent Car Insurance

Your car insurance is the difference between being able to repair a damaged vehicle and writing it off. A Cars Protection Plus insurance policy will provide you with affordable coverage so that you can ensure your car is protected against damage and unforeseen accidents. Decent car insurance also means going with a reputable insurer, so always check their rating with the Better Business Bureau before buying.


Go For Regular Maintenance Checks

Your car should be serviced every year to make sure everything is running smoothly. Visit your preferred local mechanic or see what your warranty covers with the dealership and set up annual servicing. Your vehicle’s service manual will outline the recommended checks and level of servicing your car requires. Basic checks you can do yourself can include checking your tires, and topping up liquids like radiator fluids, engine oil and windscreen wash.


Drive Your Car Regularly

Is your car sitting on the drive for months? You could run down the battery. The battery provides the lowest levels of power to systems like the clock and alarm system. If the car isn’t driven regularly, the battery doesn’t receive any charge and will run down as it is still providing minimal power to the car. Fortunately there is some advice out there on how to maintain your car battery, as well as by driving regularly. 


Maintain A Smooth Drive

Driving in built-up areas with constant stops and starts is more damaging to your vehicle than a smooth and traffic-free drive along the interstate. A smooth drive is one without jerky movements on the steering wheel, and one where the driver maintains a steady speed throughout. If you live in a built-up area this isn’t always possible, but taking your car out on a steady interstate cruise will actually make your car last longer.


Keep It Clean

Ensuring your car is cleaned both inside and out will make your car last for longer. Over time, external debris can damage your vehicle if it isn’t cleaned properly, causing scratches to the paintwork. Over time, continuous scratches can damage deeper layers of paintwork, which can be expensive to replace and date your car. Cleaning your car regularly will also protect it from rust. 



These small steps will make your car last for longer, without much investment. A regular and smooth drive, combined with regular cleaning and servicing will protect your vehicle over time. Decent insurance coverage with a reputable provider will ensure that in the event of an unforeseen accident, you can afford to get your car repaired and restored without extortionate costs.

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