How To Make Your Home A Spiritual Place To Be 

How To Make Your Home A Spiritual Place To Be 


We all want to be able to come somewhere home – somewhere comfortable, somewhere perfect just for us. It could be a tiny apartment, or a huge mansion. What it is doesn’t matter. Where is it doesn’t matter. What matters is that it is our safe space, somewhere where we can truly be ourselves. In order to be as comfortable as possible in that space, we need to make it a spiritual space, so that we can be peaceful and spiritual ourselves. Here are some ideas on how to make your home a spiritual place to be.

Be Healthy

Keeping yourself fit and healthy will help you to create positive energy within your home and ensure that it’s a spiritual place to be. If you are unwell, not only will you be in pain, but your home will potentially take on that negative energy, and make you feel unwell for longer. This is why it’s crucial you look after your health and seek out specialist chiropractic care or therapy or anything else you might need when necessary.


Keep It Tidy

Having a cluttered, untidy home is not good for your spiritual well-being. It will make you anxious and stressed, even if you don’t realize it. Keeping everything tidy after having a big clear out will make the energy in your home much better, keeping you feeling in the best form spiritually, mentally, and physically. Removing items that you no longer need is also spiritually fulfilling, as having fewer material objects will make you a happier person in the long term – you will be able to focus on the world and the people around you, rather than being obsessed with possessions. Your home will have a better energy to it when you keep it tidy and clear.



Burning incense is a wonderful thing to do for your home’s energy, and it also keeps your own mind and body calm and peaceful. It refreshes the space around you There are many different types of incense, and each one has its own spiritual properties, so depending on the outcome you are looking for, you may choose any one of a number of incense scents. Amber, for example, represents knowledge, and is ideal for when you want to meditate to discover information. Cedar denotes power and strength – it is often burned within new homes (or new to you homes) to promote its strength and make it a place of safety. Cinnamon raises the energy of a place, making it more spiritual in general. Jasmine is associated with love, and can promote romance or friendship. Find the right incense for you, and burn it throughout your home to cleanse the energy and make it what you need it to be.



Crystals are incredible, naturally spiritual items. They have inherent healing powers within them, and lots of energy that can help you to attract positive energy into your home. Simply placing them around your property, or wearing them on your person at all times, can seriously help you achieve what you want to achieve. Clear quartz, for example, is the ‘master healer’, able to clear all negative energies away quickly. Amethyst keeps your mind clear and removes confusion. It can even help with mood swings and insomnia. Rose quartz is ideal for mending a broken relationship and removing the negative energy associated with emotional traumas. It will keep your home harmonious and peaceful. 


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