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How to Overcome an Addiction

According to, about 21 million Americans battle one form of addiction or the other as of March 24, 2021. Despite the number, only 10% receive treatment. While some patients have no choice but to check into a center, others prefer an outpatient drug rehab center that suits their schedule. Regardless of the option, the goal is to overcome an addiction, and here are a few ways to do so. 

  • Find an addiction treatment center

There are two types of addiction treatment centers: the in-patient rehab center and the outpatient rehab center. While an in-patient rehab center requires that the addict stays at the facility, the outpatient establishment does the opposite. Although specific circumstances may determine which type is suitable for each individual, the primary goal is usually to offer convenience and privacy to the person involved.


Regardless of the type you opt for, addiction treatment centers are the first point of call when choosing the sobriety path. It would help if you kept in mind that overcoming an addiction is quite a bumpy ride. There are the high and low moments you’ll face. However, with professional help from any of these facilities, you’re positioned to receive the best care. Nonetheless, it would be best if you first committed to the decision to overcome the addiction.

  • Know your triggers and learn to avoid them

Over 40% of addicts relapse primarily due to an inability to fight their triggers psychologically. While some can adopt coping mechanisms, others lack the mental fortitude to ‘face their demons.’ A trigger refers to anything that influences or pulls you away from the decision to quit your addiction. They naturally provoke your normal mental processes and weaken your ability to stand your ground if you don’t guard against them. Indeed, the choice to overcome a drug or substance dependence is a steep hill that requires careful maneuvering.


For example, if mere association with a group makes you want to return to an old habit, your best bet is to avoid them at all costs. You may have to face them at some point, but not in the initial stages when you’re building your internal defenses. As a tip, replace your triggers with positive behaviors. For instance, hit the gym when you feel tempted to go back to the habit you’re trying to overcome. 

  • Adopt healthy coping mechanisms

Although you have the treatment center and a healthy support group at your disposal, you still have the individual responsibility to check your addiction. In doing this, you must learn new coping skills you’re comfortable with. Activities such as meditating and physical activity are excellent for addiction recovery.


It’s no secret that addiction can significantly affect you negatively in the short or long term. Moreover, it’s not easy to regain control when you’ve lost it, but once you do, you’ll be better off holding on to it. Hopefully, these tips will help you get your life back on track and enjoy the lasting physical, mental and emotional benefits of overcoming an addiction.

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