How to Protect Your Senses

People usually focus on “the big things” when it comes to their health. They look at themselves in a mirror; they concern themselves with anything that doesn’t feel right. And of course, this makes sense — those things are important. But there’s another side to our bodies that we often take for granted: our senses. While these can sometimes have a direct effect on our health (say, smelling the smoke of a fire), they’re about much more than just keeping ourselves in tip-top condition. It’s about enjoying life. Who doesn’t love smelling summer rain, or enjoying a delicious meal? Below, we take a look at a few ways how you can protect and preserve your senses. With these tips, your senses will remain in good condition! 


Block That Sun 


If you’ve got 20/20 vision, then don’t take it for granted! Once your eyesight begins to go, it’s a never-ending routine of wearing glasses or contact lenses. While this is mostly biological, there are some things that can harm your eyes, such as the sun. As such, it’s important that you’re wearing sunglasses whenever you’re out in the sun, and also that you avoid staring at a computer screen for too long. If you do have to wear glasses, make sure you’re checking in with the eye doctor regularly — it can be damaging to wear an incorrect/outdated prescription. 


Avoid Loud Noises


Younger people are having many more problems with their hearing than previous generations, and it’s because of things like personal audio devices and loud concerts. They can both give our ears exposure to dangerous levels of decibels, and it’s far from normal — humans, say, 1000 years ago would not hearing a guitar being blasted through a huge speaker. If you’re a music fan, then it’s important that you’re taking steps to protect your ears, especially when you’re at a concert or a nightclub. You can click here to find the right ear protection for you. When it comes to your personal devices, turn down the volume a little — you’ll be grateful for it later in life when you can still hear well. 


Healthy Lifestyles 


An all-around healthy lifestyle will help to keep your health in check, and your senses at peak performance, especially when it comes to taste. A person who smokes, for example, can expect to have much inferior taste buds when compared to a person who has never touched a cigarette in their life. Also, remember to brush your teeth — if you don’t, your mouth might be home to a whole lot of bacteria and germs that compromise your tastebuds. And while on that note, be sure to go for regular scheduled dental appointments with your Dentist in Newmarket.




We assume that we’ll never lose our touch, but that’s not the case — it can happen! Not to the point where you can’t feel anything of course (though some conditions do result in that), but where it’s dimmed somewhat. In order to keep your touch intact, you’ll want to get enough exercise, so your circulation is in good shape. Quitting smoking will also help on this front. 


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